LEGO: here are the initiatives for the 90th anniversary!

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This summer, on the occasion of the important anniversary, the LEGO Group celebrates the power of creativity with 8 weeks of play dedicated to children, families and lovers of the brand

The history of the LEGO Group began ninety years ago, when a Danish carpenter created a line of small wooden toys in his workshop in Billund, Denmark. His first collection consisted of a modest number of objects, 36 to be exact, including cars, airplanes and yoyos, all carefully crafted to help local children learn about the world through play. What Ole Kirk Kristiansen could not have known back in 1932 is that the LEGO Group would become one of the largest toy companies in the world and that it would inspire millions of boys and girls.

Ole’s passion for high quality toys has remained over time as a legacy of the brand. This is demonstrated by the very name “LEGO” which derives from two Danish words “Leg” and “Godt”, which mean “To play well”. And now, the Group’s new “LEGO Play Well Study” research shows that play is not only fun, but also an integral part of child development, family happiness and well-being.

LEGO: here are the initiatives for the 90th anniversary!

The celebrations dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the brick also arrive in Italy and have been set up to celebrate this important event 8 weeks of play: many fun initiatives that will animate all the Italian LEGO Stores. Among these, the hilarious and colorful Wheel Station, a sort of “spin the wheel” to create and recreate with their own creativity: visitors are in fact invited to spin the wheel, create their own version of the indicated object, and then turn again. and create something new.

Furthermore, until August 10th, fans of the brick will have the opportunity to participate in the “Grand Competition 90 years of LEGO play“. By purchasing at least € 19.90 of LEGO products, you will have the opportunity to win many exclusive 90-year-themed prizes and gadgets.

Last but not least, the LEGO Group, in partnership con Adidaswill be the protagonist of the Adidas Playground Milano League, the most important streetball project ever carried out on the Milanese playgrounds, a container of events that populate the pitches and town halls of the city, every summer from 2018, whose common thread is the Road, bringing together children, young people and entire families in the name of sport, inclusiveness and sustainability.

LEGO: here are the initiatives for the 90th anniversary!

LEGO will be the protagonist for the entire course of the tournament starting with the first mini-basketball activities that will begin on 11 June and will be able to count on an exceptional Ambassador: Giulio Maria Papi, player of the Italian national wheelchair basketball team. The appointments continue on 2-3 July with the torneo The Leaguein which LEGO will be the official sponsor of the Wheelchair basketball category, and will end with two major events on 7 and 9 July. In fact, on the occasion offinal event of the Adidas Playground Milano League which will take place on July 7 in Piazza Minniti, in the heart of the Isola district, the Danish company will organize an exclusive live building held by Riccardo Zangelmi, LEGO Certified Professional Italian. A moment that will make a day of music, basketball, fun and special guests even more special.

As the icing on the 90th birthday cake, the LEGO Group celebrates the opening of the 23rd LEGO Store in Naples. On 9 June, the new store opened its doors to give fans a special gaming experience, between physical and digital. Furthermore, young and old will be able to find the Minifigure Factory, the second in our country after Milan, designed to celebrate and stimulate creativity with the customization of the iconic Minifigure: a unique opportunity to create your own version in LEGO format.

As always, we invite you to follow our pages to be updated on the LEGO world and much more!

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