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LEGO IDEAS proposes to bring Wordle in physical format: LEGORDLE is born

Recognized for their creativity in bringing bizarre and innovative concepts into LEGO format, the LEGO IDEAS reinvents the hugely popular Wordle game. The project is called LEGORDLEand originates from the user tolsky. In the words of its creator, LEGORDLE aims to “transform a popular web game into a real social game”. It is no mystery in fact that Wordle, after being acquired by the New York Times, has continued to grow in popularity thanks to its countless spin-offs. But what will LEGORDLE be like? Let’s try to understand more.

LEGORDLE: Wordle becomes a LEGO format game

The LEGORDLE concept consists of a box with three sets of letters, with white, yellow and green backgrounds, with an aesthetic that is very much like the original game. Here’s how its creator – tolsky – described the idea:

“It’s very simple, there is no app, and you can only play once a day. Once you have guessed the word, put everything back in the box and reopen it the next day. My son finds it a lot more fun than the real Wordle. He chooses a word, I try to guess it, and he highlights the right letters for me. Then we take turns and it is he who has to guess. Obviously I have to adapt to his age as he is in second grade. This not only allows him to play using words he knows, but turns the whole game from virtual to real, and it’s very social. “

Credits: Lego Ideas

Tolsky himself also points out that LEGORDLE lends itself to any language that uses the Roman alphabet, without language barriers or otherwise. The LEGORDLE project is visible on the official LEGO IDEAS website. After all, the same LEGO, in January 2022, had hypothesized a version of Wordle in brick format.

La Wordle-Mania and the various spin-offs

As mentioned, Wordle-mania has led to the creation of numerous spin-offs of the popular game. We at Tech Princess have talked about it extensively in recent weeks. Here are some of them below:

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