"Le Recensioni Ignoranti" è il primo podcast di Giulia Papalia thumbnail

“The Ignorant Reviews” is Giulia Papalia’s first podcast

From 16 maggio 2022 will be available on all digital streaming platforms “The Digital Reviews”il first podcast of Giulia Papalia. A new podcast, a multimedia cultural journey with the ambition of become a traveling talk; here we will talk about books with spontaneity e lightness, in a non-academic way. Let’s find out more details together.

Giulia Papalia presents The Ignorant Reviews, her first podcast

Credits: Agustin Cornej

Here is one completely new formula for talking about books, with a smile and in a non-plastered way. Giulia Papali’s podcast is short but gets straight to the point: each episode will have one maximum duration of 8 minutes and will be available at twice a week. Giulia Papali, regarding her project, said:

In everyone’s life, sooner or later that moment arrives when we are too talkative, too happy, too paranoid or complaining even for those who have always loved us. I certainly am not the one who takes the place of them; I have neither time nor desire and then who knows you. With this podcast, however, I would like to find a saving solution that obviates the problem of having to bore friends and relatives.

Books are an incredible medium if used wisely: they can lift the spirits, throw us into despair, turn on the adrenaline, answer questions we didn’t even know we had and make us new ones (damn), they give us a La, they amuse us, we they take you back in time and a lot of other good (but also bad) things.

Here is the solution: I would simply like to give an idea, a why yes (a why not), a situation in which reading that particular book can be a window for a dialogue with oneself instead of breaking apart the gonads of others into a thousand tiny pieces. , or convince yourself that if things are going great why you have to go fishing motivational books – otherwise the responsibility is not mine.

Short stuff, without pretensions, but above all without wanting to pass myself off as a high-ranking critic; when literary skills were distributed I was standing in line as a lampredottaro; I came up with some discomfort in elegance, but how good was that sandwich.

Instead, below we report the episode calendar:

  • The non-things by Byung-chul Han (May 16);
  • Mortal and immortal life of the little girl from Milan by Domenico Starnone (May 30);
  • My stupid intentions by Bernardo Zannoni (June 6);
  • When we stopped understanding the world by Benjamin Labatut (June 13),
  • Morsi by Marco Peano (June 27);
  • Nova by Fabio Bacà (11 July);
  • Nothing true by Veronica Raimo (July 25);
  • Where are you, beautiful world by Sally Rooney (August 8);
  • Fidelity by Marco Missiroli (22 August);
  • The pedant in the kitchen by Julian Barnes (September 5);
  • The sex to come by Katherine Angel (September 19);
  • How to get bored better by Pietro Minto (October 3)

Who is Giulia?

Giulia Papalia, Florentine, class of ’93. Approaching reading almost by chance, she always finds in books new reflective ideas which inevitably open up infinite perspectives: from discouragement to pre-Benenism, from answers to new questions.

And it really is between these new questions that you have been proposed to talk about books in a podcast; at first the answer was a categorical no, then by virtue of those perspectives she asked herself: why not? For more information on Giulia Papalia and on his podcastyou can consult his official Instagram page.

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