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LEGO Minecraft: the interactive magazine you don’t expect

When the world LEGO meets the universe Minecraft, the result can only be a concentrate of fun. Starting from Thursday 18 November the first issue of LEGO Minecraft, the new magazine that combines the world of iconic assemblable bricks with the famous video game saga.

LEGO Minecraft: the new interactive magazine arrives on newsstands

The magazine, which is proposed as an absolute novelty in the sector, allows you to live an incredible adventure interactively: page after page, young and old can in fact create their own destiny by facing numerous tests. Their decisions make it possible to change the story, and the crafting skills, indispensable to save the day, play a fundamental role. To kick off a “game” you just need your own LEGO bricks and a pen.

LEGO Minecraft

To accompany on this exciting journey, some nice characters like Steve, who never says no to an exciting adventure and who fights with his sword (rigorously made of iron or diamond, as per the textbook), a pig to raise, feed and use as a “means of transport” and a zombie to search for new friends, unless he decides to become threatening after dark.

The magazine is full of fun challenges that test readers’ skills and creativity. There are mazes, games, quizzes, an interactive comic and more: You can explore the world of LEGO Minecraft, full of wonders, surprises and infinite possibilities, in a totally new way. It also includes two fabulous posters, and Steve’s fantastic official 3D with the pig and the zombie.

The appointment with LEGO Minecraft is therefore from November 18 on newsstands and on

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