LEGO Star Wars: three new sets revealed!

LEGO Star Wars: three new sets revealed!

Three new sets enrich the LEGO collection dedicated to Star Wars, at very low prices by brick standards. Let’s find out the details together

The three new sets that will join the already very rich LEGO catalog dedicated to Star Wars, a 20-year collaboration, will be two new pieces in the series Helmet Collection plus an imperial droid. The Helmet Collection series therefore continues to be enriched with new models that faithfully reproduce the most famous helmets of the series. Instead, the Imperial Droid joins the dark side army’s rich collection. Let’s find out the details of these new models.

Switch to the Dark “Lego”: the details of the new LEGO Star Wars sets

The first model is dedicated to the supervillain par excellence. Obviously we are talking about Darth Vader, who had not yet received a model from the Helmet Collection. The display set consists of 834 pieces and will be sold at the price of 69,99 $. It will be about twenty centimeters tall, like the other pieces in the collection. The second piece is instead one Scout Trooper and will have fewer pieces of Darth Vader: 471. Other than that, it will be about 18 centimeters, therefore slightly lower than the first. The price will be of 44,99 $. The last set features an Imperial Probe Droid and like the other pieces in the collectible series will have an identification plate. The probe droid comes directly from “The Empire Strikes Back”, it will be high about 27cm and resumes one of the scenes from the film. The price will be 59,99 $.

The three sets are available for pre-order from today, and will be released on April 26th all over the world. We invite you to stay tuned as always on for more news, updates and much more on the hottest releases of statues, action figures and much more from the nerdy world. Hello!

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