Lenovo and RealWear announce global collaboration

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Thanks to a global collaboration between Lenovo and RealWear, wearable assisted reality solutions arrive. Among these we find HMT-1: that’s what it is.

The partnership between Lenovo and RealWear

With an announcement that arrived just today, Lenovo formalizes the partnership with RealWear, a world leader in providing assisted reality solutions for the industry. The two companies will join forces to enable customers to deploy new extended reality (XR) technologies around the world.

As part of the partnership, Lenovo certified the devices RealWear HMY-1 for use on the platform ThinkReality. In this way, in addition to marketing the devices in question, operators will have access to optimized and hands-free 2D applications.

ThinkReality is one of the most advanced XR software, designed specifically for businesses. The platform, in addition to providing advanced development and management tools, includes a software development kit. It is therefore a certified solution for XR applications, useful in both data management and workflow.

RealWear HMT-1: the handsfree device to optimize work

The addition of RealWear HMT-1 on Lenovo’s ThinkReality platform therefore allows it to support an even more complete range of solutions. These include experience reality first, digital second of assisted reality through RealWear HMT-1, the “immersive but not alienating” experience of the new ThinkReality A3 and ThinkReality A6 smart glasses with transparent lenses, and the fully immersive virtual reality (VR) experience with the all-in VR headset -one Lenovo Mirage VRS3.

RealWear HMT-1 con ThinkReality

The HMT-1 supports voice commands and can be used to remotely make video calls with tutors, consult documents, view forms and data associated with industrial IoT. The device offers more than 200 voice-activated apps for hundreds of industrial use cases.

“To realize ThinkReality’s vision of making it easier than ever to create, deploy and manage large-scale enterprise XR solutions, Lenovo is partnering with an ever-growing ecosystem of hardware and software solution providers,” he said. affirmed Jon Pershke, Vice President, Strategy and Emerging Business development di Lenovo Intelligent Devices Group. “The addition of RealWear’s monocular device to the ThinkReality platform means we will be able to support even more and growing numbers of enterprise customers while providing their field workers with advanced XR technology that improves workplace safety and creates Unprecedented ROI. “

A collaboration that aims to improve safety and experience

“Our partnership with Lenovo will provide a rich and powerful experience for frontline workers while improving their safety,” he said. Sanjay Jhawar, co-founder and president, RealWear. “We are excited to help bring the benefits of HMT-1 assisted reality solutions to Lenovo enterprise customers globally by leveraging a strong ecosystem of collaboration and productivity software tools for digital transformation. We also look forward to expanding our cooperation with Lenovo in the future through a series of end-user experience driven initiatives. ”

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