Il nuovo trailer di Scavengers: tuffiamoci nella nuova stagione Winter's Fury thumbnail

Scavengers: the new season of the PvP survival shooter arrives

The new trailer for Scavengers: let's dive into the new season Winter's Fury thumbnail

Here comes the new and explosive season of Scavengers, PvP survival shooter. Let’s take a look at the new trailer, which introduces us to numerous new features such as the character of Rin, a new boss and other content.

Scavengers: Winter’s Fury season arrives

Midwinter Entertainment presents just today Winter’s Fury, the new season of Scavengers. The game, which consists of a PvEvP strategic survival shooter, will therefore be enriched by new characters and new opponents. In fact, Winter’s Fury provides the opportunity to jump into action with a brand new explorer, challenge a ferocious new boss, experiment with more weapons and earn special rewards. The release is scheduled for September 15, 2021.

In Winter’s Fury, as the name suggests, players will be able to take command of a powerful new survivor of the frozen apocalypse: Rin. The character is the very first playable explorer added to Scavengers following the launch of the game in early access for PC. With an extraordinary disposition for chemistry (especially exploding chemicals), Rin traps her enemies in a choking mist of dazzling magenta smoke. When he uses his awesome Smoke Screen ability against enemies, Rin obscures their vision, slows their movement and steals them over time. Rin is voiced by the actress and singer Jennifer Sun Bell, known for her roles in NCIS, American Pie, and others.

Season Winter’s Fury of Scavengers includes a number of new features, including:

  • New explorer: a disruptive force of nature across the frozen battlefield, the smokescreen created with Rin’s Smoke Screen produces a bewildering magenta cloud, allowing her to swoop down on enemies using her deadly SHIN-48 rifle.
  • First major Battle Pass: A brand new Battle Pass for Scavengers. The season of Winter’s Fury boasts 90 exclusive items that explorers will be able to unlock throughout the season.
  • Game Updates: intrepid explorers can contend with a host of new gameplay features introduced throughout the season. These include the Bait Bomb (a ranged projectile that summons Scourge to attack nearby players) and RASP rockets (an evacuation device that explorers can summon to exit the planet mid-game with their data intact).
  • Meeting with the new boss: dual shields, heavy armor and a grumpy temper, Bulwark offers a respectable challenge to explorers looking to take on the ferocious Outlander.
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