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Lenovo and the exclusive partnership with Apex Legends

Lenovo, Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment announce that Lenovo Legion will continue to offer sensational experiences to competitors of Apex Legends Global Series eSport. The official partnership extends and brings players new tools to move to the next level.

Lenovo and Apex Legends, still together with the Legion monitor

Apex Legends Lenovo

As the world’s first PC manufacturer, Lenovo’s purpose is to provide high performance equipment per high-level competitive gaming experiences. The brand has announced that it will provide more than 400 PC Lenovo Legion high performance with gaming monitors to all Apex Legends Global Series Majors.

In addition to getting the recognition of the brand, the partnership also aims at collect user experiences by elite gamers who use devices from the Lenovo Legion range when under pressure. These inputs will later be combined with the insights generated from acquisitions, suggestions from influencers and the Lenovo Legion gaming community.

Thereafter, the collected data will be passed on to Lenovo engineers, designers, and user experience teams. This way they can help offer next generation devices more advanced and high performance.

Tower Lenovo Legion T730, built to eliminate heat, it serves as an extraordinary powerhouse with processors Intel Core i7 overclocked e GPU NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 supercharged. All are also optimally cooled via Lenovo Coldfront 2.0 con Liquid Cooling.

The Lenovo Legion tower is paired with a external display powered by the faster refresh rate in the world of extreme esports for 360Hz gameplay. In the end Lenovo Legion Y25g-30 IPS is the gaming monitor that offers near instantaneous responses during battle.

This owes it to tecnologie NVIDIA G-SYNC e NVIDIA Reflex: The monitor is also designed to help prevent it screen-tearing e motion blur. For more information you can consult the official website.

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