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Lenovo at CES 2022: all the news of the brand

Lenovo Unveils Series of Hybrid Reality Innovations at CES 2022, Including Smarter Products for Work, Home and Gaming

Al CES 2022, Lenovo introduces a portfolio of new products and solutions designed to help people and businesses get the most out of the new hybrid reality.

The new lineup includes a wide range of innovative and sustainable products and solutions in line with the vision of Lenovo di Smarter Technology for All. Redefining the user experience with innovative technologies that support remote work, learning and entertainment is the primary focus of Lenovo’s latest innovations.

Lenovo at CES 2022: all the news of the brand

Several innovations brought by the brand. Introduce the new ones Thinkpad X1 optimized for those working in hybrid mode and for professionals looking for superior levels of performance. The new ThinkBook laptop portfolio for small and medium-sized businesses characterized by excellent materials, a sophisticated and sustainable design and innovative functionality.

New Lenovo Yoga PCs which feature high-end designs and sustainable materials and offer a perfect multimedia experience in any situation. The new lineup of laptops Lenovo Legion, with their respective monitors and accessories, which ensure the best entertainment and gaming experience and are equipped with the latest technology Intel Core, AMD Ryzen e NVIDIA GeForce RTX. And the programma CO2 Offset carbon offsetting service, now also extended to Legion and Yoga products.

As anticipated in the dedicated article, Lenovo announces the new series ThinkPad Z which includes ThinkPad Z13 e Z16. These laptops offer a combination of cutting-edge design, top-notch collaboration experiences, premium performance and security that are characteristic of Thinkpad’s DNA, with AMD Ryzen PRO 6000 series mobile processors with the Microsoft Pluton security chip.

From product to packaging, the Z series is based on reducing the impact on the environment without compromising battery life, thanks to the use of ecological materials, covered in vegan leather made from 100% recycled plastic, 75% recycled aluminum and 100% compostable bamboo and sugarcane fiber used for packaging.

At the top of the portfolio ThinkPad though, there are the brand new ones 10th Gen ThinkPad X1 Carbon, X1 Yoga of the seventh generation and X1 Nano of the second generation, powered by Intel vPro with 12th Generation Intel Core processors and Windows 11, they are optimized for those who work in hybrid mode looking for ever higher levels of performance, better immersive audio and video features to simplify collaboration between colleagues and a more secure laptop that also protects them from remote.

As for desktop PCs, Lenovo unveiled ThinkCentre M90a Pro third generation with advanced and intelligent features for the best user experience and a desktop Tiny-in-One (TIO) named TIO Flex which reinvents the concept of modular All-in-One business desktop PC introduced by Lenovo in 2014.

Then there will come innovative liquid cooling Lenovo Neptune, which now include GPUs with two new systems for VDI and high-level analytics. With Lenovo Neptune, Lenovo has taken energy saving to a new level by improving performance by reusing energy. The Lenovo Neptune approach uses liquid cooling to dissipate heat from systems with high thermal output, through a procedure that is divided into three levels: cooling with hot water Direct to Node (DTN), Rear-door Heat Exchanger (RDHX), Termal Transfer Module (TTM) and other technologies. These technologies reduce total energy consumption so that the server and data center run at full capacity, resulting in real energy savings and benefits throughout the lifecycle of the infrastructure.

The new Lenovo ThinkBook and ThinkCentre series are designed for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and are characterized by excellent materials, as well as a modern design and attention to sustainability, designed for the new generation of entrepreneurial realities. With much of the world working in hybrid mode, multitasking has become the new norm. The third generation ThinkBook Plus revolutionizes this concept, thanks to the dual screen, becoming the first 17.3 “laptop on the market with a second integrated 8” LCD color display.

Designed for the modern worker always on the go, 2nd Generation ThinkBook 13x is a premium aluminum laptop, particularly thin (12.9mm) and light weight (1.21kg), built on Intel Evo platform and equipped with the latest 12th generation Intel Core U-Series processors.

Also, the new ones ThinkBook 14 and 16 Gen 4+ i offer users highly flexible configuration options for different performance. Both models are thinner than those of the previous generation, feature a larger touchpad with a glass surface that further improves user interaction with the PC. For the new generation of enterprises that need a wider selection of flexible, high-performance solutions, Lenovo has designed the gamma ThinkCentre neo, che include ThinkCentre neo 70t, ThinkCentre 50s e ThinkCentre neo 30a 24. These compact desktop PCs feature the latest technological innovations to serve the new workforce that operates interconnected in hybrid mode.

The new service from Lenovo Easy Install it is specifically designed for SMEs that need support in the installation of new technologies for their employees, both remotely and in the company. This service simplifies the installation process, giving companies the ability to decide when, where and what is installed, freeing up internal IT resources that can focus on the business priorities most critical to the business.

Work spaces continue to evolve and customers are looking for a compatible technology that allows flexibility between the office and home. The ThinkVision portfolio expands with a new generation of 27 ”P-series professional monitors designed with modular flexibility, digital well-being and sustainability in mind. Thanks to the virtually borderless bezel design and the display QHD extend users’ workspaces with a host of new features that improve efficiency and productivity in both home and office environments.

Lenovo has introduced a new lineup of ThinkVision large format display (LFD), designed for meeting rooms or classrooms. ThinkVision T86, T75 e T65 they simplify collaboration between teams, effective both in presence and remotely thanks to the lights display 4K, built-in whiteboard software that enables a comfortable writing experience, built-in speakers, microphones and a modular webcam for smarter video conferencing. The full ThinkVision press release is available here.

Lenovo also unveiled its own seventh generation of Yoga 2-in-1 laptops on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Yoga. The 14 ”Lenovo Yoga 9i convertible with Windows 11 is equipped with a processor Intel Core i7-1260P up to the 12th generation with Intel graphics Iris Xe which offers extraordinary performance. Designed with a new Comfort Edge, Yoga 9i it can be taken anywhere, even more fascinating thanks to the reflective side bands.

The Lenovo Yoga 7i ultraportable is available in 14 “and 16” versions and is designed to maximize the entertainment experience. The 14 ”model features a OLED touchscreen display up to 2.8K with 100% DCI-P3 color gamut for content creation and extremely vivid picture quality with Dolby Vision, also available in the 16 ”version with optional touch screen.

The Lenovo Yoga 6 13 ”is built with a focus on sustainability, to inspire increasingly conscious choices on the environmental impact. The cladding is made from recycled aluminum and includes an option for a fabric cover made with 50% recycled plastic and treated with a stain resistant finish. The Lenovo Yoga news release is available here.

Lenovo Legion once again offers endless gaming sessions and productivity to gamers of every generation and content creators, who can now universally enjoy the best entertainment and gaming experience even from home gaming stations, in student residences, in the center of esports arenas, practically everywhere, always with excellent results.

Lenovo’s new low-latency monitors are also presented. The Lenovo monitor Legion Y25-30 it’s perfect for professional gamers looking for a state-of-the-art monitor. Both Lenovo G27qe-20 and Lenovo G24qe-20 monitors are Eyesafe certified ee are characterized by low blue light output and great versatility.

The mouse is essential for every pro-player, and beyond, which is why Lenovo has introduced two ergonomically optimized mice designed with optimal grip characteristics. The Lenovo Legion M600s wireless gaming mouse and the Lenovo Legion M300s RBG gaming mouse they are both super light, weighing less than 75g. Lenovo then announced the Legion Arena, a centralized gaming hub that connects to popular platforms and online stores to bundle all previously purchased PC titles into a single console.

As part of Lenovo’s ESG commitment, Lenovo introduces the CO2 Offset Service also in the consumer market, will be available on all Lenovo Legion and Yoga PCs, including those announced today. Previously only available on corporate devices, the Lenovo CO2 Offset service offers customers a simple and transparent way to offset carbon emissions with just one click.

In addition, Lenovo presents Premium Care Plus that helps improve technical support, designed with the modern user in mind. Within a single solution, customers will have access not only to Premium Care, but also to a full suite of advanced Lenovo services, including Accidental Damage Protection, Lenovo Smart Performance, Lenovo Migration Assistant, and warranty. company on the sealed battery.

To finish the products presented, we have Lenovo Smart Clock Essential con Alexa Built-in is the new device for home use in Lenovo’s innovative smart home lineup.

This smart watch can help the user set timers and reminders, and Alexa is there to help add items to an Amazon cart and control the smart home. Lenovo also released two new smart docking options for the Smart Clock, including Lenovo Ambient Light Dock and Lenovo Wireless Charging Dock with Night Light.

The features of the Lenovo Smart Frame have also been updated for easier use. Customers can simply use the …

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