Lenovo Go: accessories to always take the office with you

Here are the new Lenovo Go accessories that help to increase productivity even on the move: like having an office always nearby!

Lenovo introduces Lenovo Go, the new brand that brings together a range of PC accessories specifically designed for improved productivity on the move and designed with the needs of those who work in hybrid mode in mind. The first products of a line of new accessories to be introduced on the market, the power bank per laptop Lenovo Go USB (20.000 mAh) e il mouse Lenovo Go Wireless Multi-Device they offer a solution for those who cannot access the electricity network for a long time and to manage the commands of multiple devices with a single solution.

Lenovo Go: accessories to always take the office with you

Is the future smart working?

The Future of Work and Digital Transformation study, recently published by Lenovo, showed that the overwhelming majority of companies (83%) expect to implement remote ways of working at least half the time, while 60% of employees not only agree, but prefer to work like this. As the number of companies adopting remote work policies grows, the focus shifts to the technology needed to facilitate effective collaboration, increase people’s performance and productivity, and maximize their engagement and motivation. Lenovo Go provides complementary tools more suitable for the new way of working between the office, work from home and other places, further enhancing the user experience with devices. Accessories must meet the expectation of simple use that makes work from any location more effective.

Lenovo Go: accessories to always take the office with you

Lenovo Go: Turn any place into an office

With a line of products inspired by real needs and designed around user input, Lenovo Go will help people work productively, anytime, anywhere. The new brand will offer a series of accessories in different categories that respond to the needs most commonly associated with flexible working:

  • Supply: the worry of not having enough charge or not having access to the electricity grid is one of the most felt problems by those who often work on the move. Lenovo Go’s power solutions give people back control of their productivity with soon to be introduced wired or wireless charging solutions, first among them is the Lenovo Go USB-C Laptop Power Bank. With a huge capacity of 20,000mAh and an output power of 65W, it is designed to fully charge a laptop at least once and is capable of charging up to three devices at the same time, allowing for an uninterrupted workflow
  • Commands: Lenovo Go family mice and keyboards will feature numerous innovations that make them suitable for the most dynamic work environments, allowing you to quickly switch between different work modes and locations. Lightweight and compact formats, ergonomic design, wireless connection and charging capabilities are essential for a productive workspace. Lenovo today introduces the Lenovo Go Wireless Multi-Device Mouse, which will soon be followed by other accessories. Many remote workers use more than one device and appreciate the flexibility this allows them to have; for this reason the multi-device mouse can be paired with up to three devices and can switch between them by simply pressing a button. Furthermore, the utility button can be programmed with quick shortcuts and not only has a wireless connection but can also be recharged in this mode through a compatible Qi charging solution, or via USB-Type C.
  • Audio: Audio quality is a fundamental element of the collaboration experience, but it is often taken for granted, causing frustration and less than optimal user experiences. Lenovo Go audio devices are designed from the ground up to reduce ambient noise, return high sound quality and be simple to use. Lenovo Go audio solutions will be announced in the course of 2021.

Lenovo Go: accessories to always take the office with you

Eric Yu, senior vice president, global SMB, Visuals and Accessories, Intelligent Devices Group di Lenovo, afferma:

Our research shows that 20% of employees in small and medium-sized businesses lack the technology to work effectively remotely2. We also know from other research that having the right technologies is critical to improving productivity and the ability for work teams to collaborate safely and with respect for privacy, especially in today’s remote and hybrid workplaces. These directions inspired our vision for the new Lenovo Go accessory line: enabling a better work experience through smart accessories that enable people to give their best in a world where they can work from anywhere.

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