Xbox: announced a collaboration with the developer of CoD Mobile

Comes from Timi, the Chinese development studio author, among other things, of CoD Mobile, the announcement of a collaboration with Xbox Game Studios. What will this partnership lead to?

The Chinese development studio owned by Tencent, Timi Studio Group, known to us mostly for the development of CoD Mobile, recently announced that it has partnered with Xbox Game Studios. According to a quick translation of the official announcement page, this collaboration will allow companies to “create great content for games and bring a new sensory gaming experience to players.” Further details of this collaboration have not been deepened, but have been postponed to other announcements that will take place later in this 2021.

The importance of Timi, developer of CoD Mobile, in this collaboration with Xbox

Paradoxically, the Timi development team is not well known in the rest of the world, despite its undeniable importance. Known to us mostly for developing CoD Mobile, the Tencent-owned team only generated in 2020 the equivalent of $ 10 billion in revenue: it is therefore natural to think of the strategic importance of this collaboration with Xbox. In addition to CoD Mobile, which has been downloaded more than 500 million times, there is also another great success of theirs, namely Honor of Kings, another mobile game inspired by League of Legends, which is by far the largest mobile game in the world today thanks to its extreme popularity in China.

Xbox: announced a collaboration with the developer of CoD Mobile

Timi is also currently working on Pokemon Unite, free MOBA game that will come for Nintendo Switch, Android e iOS; right now there is no shortage of titles in the works for developers. As for what this collaboration with Xbox Game Studios will bring, all we have to do is wait and see the next announcements.

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