Lenovo: in the kitchen with Davide Oldani and smart technologies

Thanks to a multi-year agreement, the Michelin-starred Chef will use the solutions of Lenovo and Motorola in his kitchen and in the D’O restaurant to further improve the dining experience of his guests and, through the use of technology, further develop the his business idea in the name of innovation, quality and continuity

Lenovo, a global leader in Intelligent Transformation, has signed an agreement with Davide Oldani, Internationally renowned star chef and entrepreneur, with the aim of supporting through its portfolio of Lenovo and Motorola products and solutions the continuous search for innovation, and to contribute to further improving the guest experience inside the D’O restaurant, founded in 2003 and immediately included in the most authoritative gastronomy guides.

Lenovo: in the kitchen with Davide Oldani and smart technologies

Lenovo: Chef Davide Oldani brings technology to the kitchen

The exclusive agreement includes the use of Lenovo’s complete portfolio of products and solutions, from smartphones to tablets for the living room, kitchen and offices, to PCs and monitors, AIO desktops and edge servers for organizational and research management. In addition, the data generated by the activities of the Chef, his team and the restaurant will be managed by the storage devices made available by Lenovo. Lenovo’s technology will allow the Chef to further develop his work organization and business idea in the name of innovation and quality, a model applicable to different categories, not just to catering. Davide Oldani commented:

I chose Lenovo because my craftsmanship is made even more sustainable by technology, both in terms of resources and time, providing immediate and clear communication with the guest, as well as with the dining room and kitchen. Thanks to Lenovo and Motorola technology, I will be able to further develop my idea of ​​entrepreneurship that leverages innovation, the possibility of having information at any time, to further improve the management part of the company, giving continuity.

Creator of pop cuisine, Davide Oldani shares values ​​such as Lenovo with sustainability, the enhancement of the local territory and the continuous search for innovation, as well as a strong entrepreneurial spirit that has led Lenovo and Oldani, each in their own field, to be internationally recognized for quality, design enhancement, customer focus, placing themselves as excellences in their respective sectors.

Lenovo: in the kitchen with Davide Oldani and smart technologies

Chef Oldani: cook and entrepreneur

Oldani’s creativity has gained increasing recognition over the years, in December 2008 it received the Ambrogino d’oro by the Municipality of Milan, and also outside Italy, at Harvard, where he was invited in November 2013 to tell his entrepreneurial experience following a case history on his restaurant published in the Harvard Business School Review: the university economists have defined its approach and its organization to work applicable to different categories and not only to catering. In March 2015 he also gave a lecture at the Parisian Business University HEC, and soon after comes the appointment as ambassador for EXPO. Subsequently he is called to participate as a speaker at the World Business Forum in Milan. Since 2016 he has been mentor of the project born with the “Olmo” hotel school in Cornaredo. Author of several books and lecturer, he is also known for his activity as a designer which, starting from the daily observation of the guest, mirrors that of a cook. Like his kitchen, in fact, the tables, chairs, plates, cutlery and glasses he designs are inspired by pop: simple, functional, elegant.

Lenovo: in the kitchen with Davide Oldani and smart technologies

Alberto Spinelli, Lenovo’s Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, EMEA, comments:

18 years after the launch of D’O, Oldani’s activities are thriving, the chef has acquired a great reputation both in Italy and abroad. A success that is a springboard for new entrepreneurial adventures, Oldani not only plays the role of the chef, but also of the CEO. Thanks to the partnership with Davide, we will be able to support the intelligent approach that the Chef has in his business idea: a mix of taste and innovation, always in the name of quality and respect for the customer. It is Italian excellence in haute cuisine, an organizational model constantly aimed at innovation that we are proud to support.

The agreement also provides for the appointment of Davide Oldani a Lenovo Brand Ambassador, with the aim of promoting the image and visibility of the Lenovo and Motorola brands and products, in the presence of the Chef as testimonial in online and offline marketing campaigns, in the presence of exclusive events organized by Lenovo, such as show cooking activities , and content exclusively for Lenovo and Motorola social channels. That’s all from the electronic section, keep following us!

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