Lenovo introduces ThinkStation P360 Ultra, pure power in a compact body

Lenovo presenta ThinkStation P360 Ultra, potenza pura in un corpo compatto thumbnail

Lenovo introduces the new desktop workstation ThinkStation P360 Ultrawhich delivers incredible power for any workload while still in one compact body. Indeed in a total volume of only four liters, you find processors 12th Generation Intel Core and graphics cards up to Nvidia RTX A5000. 50% better performance than last generation, while taking up less desk space.

Lenovo presenta ThinkStation P360 Ultra

A desktop workstation, in the office or in your home, must knowing how to manage any type of work. From the most complex CAD and BIM applications to virtual and mixed reality experiences, through the rendering of medical images and editing for digital entertainment.

Usually, these types of applications require a lot of space. But Lenovo has found a solution capable of delivering a lot, in a compact size. Rob HermanVice President, Workstation and Client AI Business Unit, Lenovo explains, “We are revolutionizing the market with a new desktop workstation specifically designed to deliver outstanding performance in a space-saving form factor, as requested by our customers. The ThinkStation P360 Ultra is one of the most versatile workstations available, thanks to its ability to seamlessly tackle today’s most demanding workflows across industries, whether used by individual professionals or as a technology integrated into an OEM solution. “

Lenovo explains that the P360 Ultra workstation has professionals in mind right from the design stage. In fact they worked side by side with Nvidia to find solutions for host and cool GPUs up to the RTX A5000. Also find the 12th generation Intel Core processors, which thanks to the airflow can reach fup to 16 cores and 125 watts of power swithout any risk.

The new system also allows you to manage up to 128GB of DDR memory5, due slot PCIe Gen 4 for expandability, up to 8TB of M.2 storage and support for up to eight displays. Plus the workstation is the only one in the industry with double ethernet port on board e Thunderbolt 4, for really max I / O.

Lenovo also developed the workstation to exceed MIL-SPEC standards for greater durability, although it weighs 15% less. While using the 26.5% recycled plastic in the system and 90% recycled cardboard in the box.

Lenovo ThinkStation P360 Ultra will arrive in Italy in August for a price of starting from 999 euros plus VAT. Find more information on Lenovo’s dedicated site.

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