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Lenovo: Introducing the new range of Yoga laptops

The new range of Lenovo Yoga laptops inspiring the generation of content creators. Lenovo introduces the new Yoga Pro 9i and Yoga Pro 7i/7, Yoga 7i/7, as well as two Yoga Slim laptops: Yoga Slim 7 and the renewed Yoga Slim 6

Creating, being inspired and collaborating in a hybrid world just got easier with the new generation of Windows 11 Yoga laptops from Lenovo. These offer tremendous performance, incredible versatility and mobility in a sleek, lightweight design. The most representative laptop of the new range is Lenovo Yoga Pro 9iavailable in two screen sizes1 (14.5″ and 16″, gen 8). The slim, light and elegant Yoga Slim 7 (14.5”, 8) offers users more power, portability and better battery life than ever before. Ideal for multi-tasking content creators, Yoga Pro 7 (14.5″, 8) and Yoga Pro 7i (14.5″, 8) both offer advanced performance in an elegant design. Comfort and cutting-edge design in a particularly versatile 2-in-1 convertible laptop, the Yoga 7 (available in 14″ and 16″ screen, gen 8) offers maximum flexibility. The renewed Yoga Slim 6 (14″, 8) is available with the new AMD Ryzen 7000 processors.

Lenovo: Introducing the new range of Yoga laptops

Features of Lenovo’s new range of Yoga laptops

Featuring Windows 11, this generation of Yoga laptops are made to impress! Thanks to the improvements made to Lenovo X Power2 that pushes PC performance to the maximum inside a slim and elegant chassis. We also find updates in displays with PureSight technology and the Premium Suite4. This is a suite of new and updated features, plus the Yoga keyboard with larger, flat keytops designed for comfort and efficiency as you type.

Statements regarding the new range of Yoga laptops from Lenovo

In a scenario where the hybrid environment is increasingly asserting itself, content creators need to create anytime, anywhere, even on the move, from video making to graphic design,

says Jun OuyangVice President and General Manager of the Consumer Business Segment, Intelligent Devices Group, Lenovo.

Lenovo’s new premium Yoga Pro laptops are made for this generation. They combine performance and portability, like the incredible new PureSight Pro mini-LED display and a revamped keyboard, to give users an excellent user experience.

Linea Yoga Pro 9i

Designed to deliver a premium experience, the Yoga Pro line is the most powerful of the Yoga laptop lineup in the traditional laptop form factor. Offering maximum performance without sacrificing portability, the Yoga Pro line allows users to create and consume content wherever and whenever they need to. This generation features an updated Lenovo X Power2, a set of hardware and software features that work together for a faster, smoother creative experience. For example, users will notice how quickly video editing and preview generation, rendering and exports of the software are much more immediate, which means more time spent making video content and less time spent waiting.


This generation offers significant improvements in thermal management efficiency over the previous generation. Thanks to a 62.5%5 increase in the 16-inch Yoga Pro 9i and more than a 25%5 increase in the 14.5-inch model; both of which allow users to experience graphics, video or 3D rendering faster while maintaining cool and quiet performance. In addition, the spectacular new PureSight Pro mini-LED displays available on the Yoga Pro 9i (14.5″ and 16″, 8) offer an even sharper and more realistic experiencewith unprecedented color accuracy. Updated and also available in Yoga Pro 9i (14.5″ and 16″, 8), Yoga Pro 7 (14.5″, 8), Yoga Pro 7i (14.5″, 8) and Yoga Slim 7 (14, 5″, 8), is the new Lenovo Premium Suite4. A host of new and updated hardware features designed to enhance your Yoga laptop experience.

Lenovo: Introducing the new range of Yoga laptops


Featuring a slim and elegant design, the Yoga Slim line is known not only for its looks but also for its ease of transport. An important feature for a generation of content creators who want to produce, consume content and collaborate at any time of the day. This latest generation of Yoga Slim devices just got even more eye-catching with the addition of a PureSight OLED display. This offers sharper, smoother and more realistic images in a TÜV Rheinland and Eyesafe6 certified screen.

Lenovo’s new Yoga Pro 9i laptop: Extraordinary power for the most advanced creators

Built for the most demanding content creators, the 8th Gen Yoga Pro 9i comes with Windows 11 and up to 13th Gen Intel Core mobile processors. An NVIDIA RTX 4070 laptop GPU solution, together with increased thermal capacity to provide users with a powerful laptop. Whether editing or rendering video, doing intense 3D modeling or designing graphics, creators can expect a smooth and stress-free experience. Available in two colorsTidal Teal and Storm Grey,10 The Yoga Pro 9i also offers a PureSight Pro3 display in both 14.5-inch and 16-inch screens.

Lenovo Premium Suite4

The new and updated features of Lenovo Premium Suite4 provide users with an enhanced Yoga Pro 9i experience. Whether it’s the availability of four noise-cancelling microphones so users can be online anywhere or quieter fans to reduce noise. Combining comfort with productivity is also possible with the new 1.5mm Yoga keyboard. With a 0.3 mm capsule coating for ease of use and comfort, and the larger trackpad for greater efficiency in interacting with content. It features a 5MP webcam for video calling with high quality images. Built with 50% post-consumer recycled plastic in the keyboard and 50% recycled aluminum in the bottom cover. Both Yoga Pro 9i (16″, 8) and Yoga Pro 9i (14.5′, 8) are ENERGY STAR and EPEAT rated Gold Registered.

Lenovo’s new Yoga Slim 7 laptop: the elegance of a thin and powerful device

The new 8th generation Yoga Slim 7 is a light and elegant device, which leaves no compromises in terms of power and portability for content creation.the. Users can edit and upload photos on the go, work on a presentation or videoconference remotely. This is thanks to the 14.5-inch PureSight OLED display up to 3K that offers sharper, smoother and more realistic images. This is powered by the new generation of AMD Ryzen 7000 series processors, And with TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light certification (hardware solution) and Eyesafe6, the risk of eye strain is significantly reduced. In the end, at just 13.9 mm (0.5 inch), the Yoga Slim 7 is easily portable and fits in small spaces. Also new with Premium Suite4 is the inclusion of six speakers with two back-to-back subwoofers.


Another significant upgrade of the Yoga Slim 7 is the larger capacity 70Whr battery. This allows creators to work longer without having to find an outlet. The Rapid Charge Boost function allows a 15-minute quick charge to get up to a maximum of 2 hours of extra use. With dual fans and a revamped thermal design that reaches 30 watts of capacity in this generation, users can work on even cooler and quieter laptops.

Lenovo: Introducing the new range of Yoga laptops

Yoga Pro 7 and Yoga Pro 7i: high performance, elegant design

With a particularly elegant design, Yoga Pro 7 and 7i offer a powerful hardware solution by combining NVIDIA RTX 3050 or 4050 laptop GPUs. These make it an ideal high-performance laptop for multitasking content creators. With more battery power (up to 73Wh) than the previous generation, this 15.6 mm (0.6 inch) slim laptop offers a quieter and cooler experience; regardless of workload demand. Intel’s new Unison software solution helps connect IOS and Android devices running the Yoga Pro 7i with external displays. Available in 14.5-inch PureSight Pro3 display with up to 3K resolution, 400-nit brightness and 120Hz refresh rate. Users can enjoy crisp and smooth visual quality whether for video editing, graphic design or creating a presentation.

What’s new in the Pro 7

In addition to a high-quality display, Yoga Pro 7 users can also enjoy the new hardware features offered with the Premium Suite4. These include:

  • a quality audio and video experience with four microphones with noise cancellation and voice ID,
  • four speakers and an FHD infrared (IR),
  • Time of Flight (ToF) sensor and privacy shutter,
  • The updated Yoga keyboard with 1.5mm anti-dirt keys provides comfort and faster touch response.

Yoga Pro 7 and Yoga Pro 7i attract attention for the elegant and ultra-thin designdisponibile in Tidal Teal o Storm Grey10.

Lenovo: Introducing the new range of Yoga laptops

Yoga 7 and Yoga 7i: creative versatility

Featuring rounded edges in a sleek comfort edge design, the eighth generation Yoga 7 is built for ease of handling and versatility. Thanks to its shape, the Yoga 7 convertible laptop allows users to create and consume content virtually anywhere with 360-degree multimodal capabilities. These can transform your device from a full-sized laptop to a portable tablet. Updated with the latest 13th Gen Intel CPU or AMD Ryzen 7000 series processors, creators can expect high and smooth performance. Whether for video editing, photo editing or music streaming. A high-quality display with a 16:10 aspect ratio, up to 2.8K OLED panel, and 100% DCI-P3 color accuracy also allows users to create and share their best work from anywhere.

Lenovo’s new Yoga Slim 6 laptop: Lightweight and durable for creating on the go

A thin, light and durable design, the 8th Generation Yoga Slim 6 comes in a comfortable aluminum chassis designed for those on the go. Now available with up to the latest generation AMD Ryzen 7000 series processors, it delivers faster and smoother performance. The revamped Yoga Slim 6 comes with two color options: Misty Gray and Storm Gray. To enhance the experience with this Lenovo Yoga laptop:

  • Lenovo Vantage9 and Lenovo Smart Performance software solutions for optimizing device functionality,
  • performance monitoring,
  • PC status checks,
  • improved security and even troubleshooting and prevention.

In case of problems, Priority access to expert technicians, fast repairs, additional protection and hands-on assistance are available with Premium Care Plus advanced service.

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