Spotify launches Niche Mixes: increasingly personalized playlists

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Spotify has launched in the Niche Mixes, a new set of personalized playlists featuring familiar songs and new recommendations in very specific categories. It is, in fact, an advanced version of Spotify Mixes, which you can find in the home of the platform.

Niche Mixes collect playlists of different types. Feel Good Morning Mixfor example, brings together all the songs characterized by positive atmospheres. Running Mix ‘80s instead, as you may have guessed from the name, it will be drawing straight from the 80s to give you the soundtrack for your weekly run.

How to try Spotify’s Niche Mixes

While Niche Mixes hasn’t been announced in Italy, the feature is available to all users. However, to try it, it will not be enough to open the home (as happens with the Daily Mixes), but you will have to manually search for the playlists in the search bar. To do this you can try to choose a word followed by “Mix”. Some examples in English are Baking Mix e Angry Teenager Mixbut in Italian we also found Mix Allegro. At the basis of the new feature there seems to be the algorithm’s ability to recognize what you are looking for and indicate a mixed playlist for the occurrence.

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When in doubt, if you really don’t know what to look for, you can choose from the numerous playlists discovered by this user on Twitter.

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