Lenovo Space: awarded with the Design Award 2020-21

Lenovo’s first concept store in Europe, Spazio Lenovo, has achieved prestigious international awards

The project Lenovo space with the prestigious international recognition A’ Design Award, in the Interior Space and Exhibition Design category, received the Silver Design Award 2020-2021.

The project “Lenovo space”Will be the protagonist of the thematic exhibition Best Italian Interior Design Selection, organized by Platform at the Scuola Grande di Santa Maria della Misericordia in Venice in conjunction with the first three months of the Architecture Biennale from 22 May to 22 August 2021, an overview of interior design and places to live in the world by the best Italian and international designers. Here are the details.

Lenovo Space: awarded with the Design Award 2020-21

Lenovo Space: awarded with the Design Award 2020-21

Spazio Lenovo, the first Lenovo concept store in Europe, created in collaboration with the designer Alessandro Luciani, has obtained prestigious international awards in the field of design. Alessandro Luciani was awarded for the Lenovo Space project with the prestigious international recognition A ‘Design Award. The words of the designer;

It is a source of pride for me to have worked alongside a fantastic team like that of Lenovo Italy. We have shared our visions and established a great collaboration with everyone, suppliers included: and the results are only at the beginning. I am convinced that retail design must be increasingly oriented towards creating experiential settings and real human relationships that can convey emotions and sensations of natural well-being. Certainly something that refers to a new Renaissance, but also something that makes me think a lot about the artistic movement of impressionism. Emotional involvement and relationships will be increasingly fundamental, as well as the use of more natural and eco-sustainable materials, all perfectly integrated with the most modern technologies, an area in which Lenovo is a leader.

Lenovo Space: awarded with the Design Award 2020-21 Lenovo Space: awarded with the Design Award 2020-21

In motivation of the award we read about how the aim was to put people at the center, to create a common thread, shortening the distance between the outside world, en plein air, and the internal one, closed, typical of a traditional store. A functional environment contaminated by 13 columns of real green inside, by a flooring that evokes that of the gardens, by LED lighting, dichroic glass and large video walls for an entirely digital communication.

This space has been optimized to make it easy for people to move from one activity to another. The different areas are all designed to offer immersive experiences. We leave you to the words of Giulia Lupidi, Space Lenovo Manager;

Spazio Lenovo was inaugurated less than a year ago and is already establishing itself as a reference point, both for interior architecture and for its role as a social and cultural ecosystem in the context of the city of Milan, a real point of meeting between public, private and citizens. We are really proud of the prestigious awards that have been given to the design of Spazio Lenovo, testimony to the vision of Alessandro Luciani, as well as that of Lenovo, aimed at creating an environment where not only visitors can make contact with the technologies that help us to improve our everyday life, but also make a truly engaging experience

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