Lenovo ThinkPad and ThinkVision: 360 ° productivity

In the new Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 4, ThinkPad L13 Gen 2 and L13 Yoga Gen 2 are notebooks that cover different ranges and needs for those who have to use the PC for work or study. ThinkVision monitors for improved productivity complete the picture

Lenovo today announces the latest additions to the ThinkPad and ThinkVision portfolio. ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 4 redesigned and redesigned offers more power, better connectivity and rich configuration options to meet user needs. Equipped with the latest processors 11th generation Intel Core i9 vPro H-series and available with new graphics cards NVIDIA GeForce RTX , DDR4 memory up to 64GB and dual solid state drive (SSD) support, the X1 Extreme Gen 4 also features optional 5G Wireless WAN1 connectivity for fast access to data in the cloud. With 74% of companies planning to permanently switch to hybrid work, users need a flawless collaboration experience. X1 Extreme Gen 4 offers excellent performance thanks to the optional 16-inch edge-to-edge 4K Dolby Vision display , the new FHD webcam, the two microphones with noise cancellation and the Dolby Atmos speaker system facing the user and increased by 20% compared to the previous generation. All this performance packed into the legendary and durable ThinkPad chassis weighing just 1.81kg2!

Lenovo also presents ThinkPad L13 Gen 2 e L13 Yoga Gen 2 based on the latest mobile processors AMD Ryzen serie 5000. The L13 Series, designed for uncompromising quality, helps users work more efficiently with productivity and safety features. Taking into account the emergence of the hybrid working mode, Lenovo launches the brand new monitor mobile ThinkVision M15 which offers the flexibility of a second screen in a highly portable solution, together with the display ThinkVision T24m-20 e alla webcam MC50 which together offer a quality videoconferencing solution.

Lenovo ThinkPad and ThinkVision: 360 ° productivity

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme – a real power monster

The fourth generation of ThinkPad X1 Extreme is designed with digital content creators and prosumers in mind who seek maximum power for work and entertainment, it is equipped with processors 11th generation Intel Core i9 H-series with optional vPro platform, designed to provide high performance, protected by ThinkShield to ensure corporate security standards, crisp displays and advanced graphics options. With a thickness of 17.7 mm and a weight of only 1.81 kg, X1 Extreme Gen 4 abounds in quality thanks to a chassis composed of multiple layers of reinforced carbon fiber. Extreme performance requires maximum thermal efficiency in order to allow the user to make the most of their creativity without worrying about overheating. Lenovo engineers have developed three new complementary cooling systems for models configured with NVIDIA RTX. A hybrid cooling system uses both traditional heat exchange tubes and a vapor chamber to keep graphics workloads that require large processing capacity running smoothly. An air vent in the keyboard increases the flow of fresh air to the cooling fans as well maintaining the keyboard’s resistance to spilling liquids. Finally, a double bypass allows air to flow to the top and bottom of the cooling system to improve thermal insulation. These elements give an idea of ​​the great work done by Lenovo in seeking the perfection of the design processes to increase the protection of the most advanced internal components.

Lenovo ThinkPad and ThinkVision: 360 ° productivity Lenovo ThinkPad and ThinkVision: 360 ° productivity

Main features

New features include:

  • New display dat 16 inches with 16:10 aspect ratio and thin bezels on all four sides, encased in a 17.7mm chassis weighing 1.81kg.
  • Brightness up to 600 nits with 4K resolution, Dolby Vision HDR for ultra-sharp picture quality and low blue light technology. Touch, pen and factory color calibration are also available as options.
  • High-performance mobile graphics based on NVIDIA GeForce laptop graphics cards RTX 3050Ti, NVIDIA RTX 3060, RTX 3070 o RTX 3080, the latter with 16 GB of GDDR6 memory.
  • Intel Wi-Fi 63 connectivity and optional 5G wireless WAN1 for optimal connection at home, office or anywhere else.
  • Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 4 can be configured with un maximum of 64GB of DDR4 memory and two 2TB PCIe Gen 4 M.2 SSDs, while the standard 90 Wh battery offers up to 10.7 hours of battery life.
  • The new design integrates a FHD or FHD infrared webcam to improve video conferencing quality and of course includes a physical shutter. Entertainment and communications are further enhanced thanks to the Dolby Atmos speakers which emits crystal clear sound in the direction of the user while the wide-range microphones offer perfect voice transmission.
  • Safety and ease of use are never forgotten. The biometric reader fingerprint is integrated into the power button for easier login via Windows Hello, a larger 115mm touchpad is meant for users who prefer this control method to legendary TrackPoint and quick access keys allow you to answer and hang up audio and video calls.

ThinkVision monitor – ideal for working comfortably

An excellent companion of the X1 Extreme is the new monitor mobile ThinkVision M15. Weighing just 860 grams2, the M15 doubles the X1 Extreme’s screen by offering more 15.6 inches of space on an FHD display Easily connected via a USB-C cable that doubles as a power passage for an elegant cable solution5. It can even be connected to a compatible smartphone via a USB-C port. Whether adding a second display for work from home or sharing content with colleagues in the meeting room, the ThinkVision M15 is suitable for extended use with its height-adjustable ergonomic stand and certification TÜV Rheinland low blue light technology to reduce eye fatigue. In addition, it comes with a protective case that fits comfortably in a backpack along with a laptop.

Lenovo ThinkPad and ThinkVision: 360 ° productivity

For those who need a larger fixed monitor for a dedicated workspace, ThinkVision T24m-20 it is not only a 23.8-inch FHD monitor, but also an effective solution of docking USB-C with a single cable that supports data, video / audio, ethernet connectivity and up to 90W of power delivered to compatible devices. It also supports more advanced features like the daisy chain for a multi monitor setup and the mirrored power button that can turn on a compatible connected PC. The ThinkVision T24m-20 also includes Lenovo Display Control Center software, called ThinkColor, which helps users perform various tasks and advanced screen adjustments through single or multiple screen windows, through a simple point-and-click interface.

Lenovo ThinkPad and ThinkVision: 360 ° productivity Lenovo ThinkPad and ThinkVision: 360 ° productivity Lenovo ThinkPad and ThinkVision: 360 ° productivity

Designed to fit any ThinkVision P or T Series monitor on the market, the new webcam ThinkVision MC50 allows you to turn the T24m-20 into a videoconferencing hub. There 1080p FHD webcam with dual microphones Integrated Noise Canceling provides exceptional audiovisual quality and features an intelligent ‘traffic light’ that turns on a red light on top of the webcam when the user is on a conference call, thus informing colleagues or family members that the user is “busy”.

The MC50 is easy to use thanks to the connection USB plug-and-play and has a tilt and rotate function thanks to which it is possible to orient only the webcam and not the entire monitor. Includes a physical shutter and an anti-theft attack for added security.

Lenovo ThinkPad and ThinkVision: 360 ° productivity

Lenovo ThinkPad L: finally AMD processors

Finally, Lenovo extends its ThinkPad L portfolio with two novelties equipped with mobile processors AMD Ryzen 5000 series and AMD Radeon graphics card, of which PRO versions are available. Available with flexible docking and Modern Standby options, in black or silver, L13 laptops are equipped with the security solution ThinkShield integrated for greater peace of mind during use. Biometric interfaces such as Windows Hello facial recognition, the Fingerprint Match on Chip, along with a physical webcam shutter and AMD security features, offer advanced data and device protection.

Lenovo ThinkPad and ThinkVision: 360 ° productivity Lenovo ThinkPad and ThinkVision: 360 ° productivity

ThinkPad L13 Yoga Gen 2 is the first convertible laptop from Lenovo with Windows 10 based on the latest AMD Ryzen Mobile processors. With the speed and responsiveness needed in today’s hybrid workplace, the 13.3-inch L13 Yoga Gen 2 has a durability up to 10.6 hours a day thanks to the 46 Wh battery. The optional integrated pen is designed to work on the touch display with more precise writing, drawing, scroll and swipe functions. ThinkPad L13 Gen 2 offers a powerful, fun and safe user experience. With the same key components as the L13 Yoga and up to 10.8 hours of battery life4, the L13 Gen 2 is the ideal choice for today’s hybrid work.

Lenovo ThinkPad and ThinkVision: 360 ° productivity Lenovo ThinkPad and ThinkVision: 360 ° productivity


Official pricing and availability have not yet been officially announced, but will soon be released. In the meantime, you can consult the official website for more information. That’s all from the hardware section, keep following us!

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