Pokémon GO: the unexpected usefulness of berries in the gym

The berries of Pokémon GO hide more than one utility: exploiting them in the gym could prove to be more valuable than you would have thought

Well yes, coaches: the drip pace at which you are forced to progress into Pokémon GO could speed up with a simple trick using the berries in gym. All you need is one of these principals in which you have left one of your samples and, in fact, some leftover berries. It doesn’t matter which berry you are thinking of, one is as good as another. It is not even essential that you use your sweaty monsters for over two thousand Battle Points; you just need them to eat to enjoy a very, very little talked about bonus outside of the post above Reddit in which it was discovered.

Berries for a snack at the gym: Pokémon GO’s profitable oxymoron

If you feed one of the Pokémon that you left in a GO gym with berries, you may receive items usually relegated only to capturing creatures. Just as you were suspecting by reading these lines, you will thus be entitled to Stardust and at candies tied to the little monster just fed. We report below the post in question, which despite the uncertain English of the writing knows how to get the message to us.

The strategy is certainly not aimed at defending a gym (that’s for when you want to scrape up Pokémonete without spending), but using a berry that you don’t need can prove much more useful than fellow Pokémon. We don’t know if this mechanic will remain after the late July cleanup Niantic he announced in triumphant tones, but if nothing else, it is an extra incentive to leave without having to leave state borders. What is certain is that the pandemic pandemic for pathological couch potatoes is definitely about to end: make yourself comfortable, because the hikes are about to return.

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