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Lenovo unveils two new endpoint management software

Lenovo announced the launch of two new software that allow you to simplify the endpoint management. These are, in particular, solutions designed for IT administrators who must juggle several priorities. The new solutions presented by the company are Lenovo Deployment Assistant (LDA) e Lenovo Manageability Commander (LMC).

Lenovo unveils two new tools to improve efficient and secure endpoint management

LDA if it integrates with Microsoft Endpoint Configuration allowing Lenovo’s software to streamline the process of sending system updates to remote devices. For large PC fleets, this is a solution that significantly streamlines the upgrade process, significantly reducing the time. According to Lenovo, LDA is ideal for any business that already uses Lenovo System Update, Dock Manager, and Commercial Vantage software solutions.

LMCinstead, it is one cloud endpoint management console. This solution combines the Intel vPro platform with DASH standards to enable both in-bank and out-of-band access capabilities. By leveraging integration with Intel Endpoint Management Assistant, LMC can be used to easily connect remotely to devices with Intel Core vPro.

For all the details on Lenovo’s new solutions for endpoints, please refer to official site.

The company comment

John Stamer, Vice President of International Commercial Services, Solutions & Services Group, Lenovo, points out, “Lenovo Deployment Assistant and Lenovo Manageability Commander, provide IT administrators with the access and visibility needed to provide a greater level of support while reducing the downtime of employees and ensuring end users positive experiences in a remote or hybrid work environment ”

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