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Project L: Where is the League of Legends fighting game?

Tom Cannon, one of the developers of Project L, the universe-based fighting game of League of Legends, just shared an update regarding the development of the game. Project L was presented for the first time in 2019 and is currently in the research and development phase with the aim of creating a formula that can make the game current for years.

Project L: The development of the League of Legends fighting game continues

Despite the gameplay video shown two years ago, Cannon wanted to specify that the game is still far from being concluded, indeed the development seems to have just come alive, with the team that is trying to give shape to a playful formula that is one of a kind and, as such, capable of entering the hearts of gamers to become passionate about and play the title for years.

According to the developer, Project L will be a team fighting game, in which players will form and lead a team made up of two different champions. In conjunction with the announcement, a video preview was also published, in which it is possible to appreciate the update of the artistic style of the game with also a summary of a champion’s kit.

The gameplay seems to be based on the concept of “easy to learn, difficult to master“, A dogma that more and more fighting games are adopting regarding the balance of the game. One of the team’s priorities, however, is the creation of a bombproof netcode, as Cannon specifies:

“We also briefly touched on one of the most important priorities we want to give to the game: developing the best possible netcode you can have in a fighting game. Of course, we’ll start with rollback as a base and add Riot’s existing technologies like RiotDirect, which minimizes ping very effectively on League of Legends and VALORANT. ”

Cannon concludes the post by giving an appointment to fans for the second half of 2022, and inviting those with interest and skills to join the team, given that there are still open positions.

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