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Let’s find out all the news coming to Disney Plus in July

Disney Plus in July will enrich its catalog of new films and TV series, let’s see what awaits us in this very hot season

The arrival of July brought with it a sharp increase in temperatures, which often force us not to go out during the hottest hours of the day. What better way to pass the time than by watching a good movie or TV series? So let’s see what Disney Plus has in store for us again in July 2022.

Hunting for sharks [9+] | Disney Plus: July 2022

Shark Hunting tells of the adventures of Chris Hemsworth, on a mission to discover the science behind shark behavior and how these animals can coexist peacefully with humans. It will be an opportunity to discover the different species of sharks that inhabit the east coast of Australia, what their behaviors are and explore new measures and technologies to prevent unfortunate encounters.

Available from 1st July.

The responder [16+] – season 1 | Disney Plus: the news for July 2022

Chris is a policeman tasked with patrolling the streets of Liverpool, which are filled with crime, violence and drugs, every night. At the same time, the man is faced with a continuous struggle against his demons, ready to destabilize his work, his marriage and his mental health. When he is joined by the new recruit Rachel, they both understand that their survival is tied to their putting up with each other, or destroying each other. In a bitter life, lived with black humor, Chris clings to the idea of ​​saving the life of a young drug addict; perhaps by saving her, he will be able to save himself as well.

The six episodes of the first season are available from 6 July.

Promised land [12+] – season 1 | Disney Plus: July 2022

Promised land tells the story of two Latinx families, constantly competing for wealth and power. The story centers on Joe Sandoval, the patriarch of the two families and manager of a successful vineyard, ready to hand over the management to one of his sons.

The ten episodes of the first season are available from 6 July.

Wild Crime – season 1 | Disney Plus: the news for July 2022

The series follows Beth Shott, an Investigative Services Branch agent who, with her team, attempts to unearth at any cost the truth behind one of the cruelest murders ever committed within a national park.

The series will be available on July 20.

In the name of heaven – season 1 | Disney Plus: the news for July 2022

It is a series that follows the events that led to the murder of Brenda Wright Lafferty and her daughter in 1984. Following the investigation, we will find the police detective Jeb Pyre. The latter’s faith falters when he discovers that the fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is also involved in the crime.

The series will be available from July 27th.

High School Musical – The musical la serie – stagione 3

Thirteen years after the unforgettable stories of the protagonists of High School Musical, the theater group decides to stage a new show. It will be a new class to take on the role of the old protagonists, Troy, Gabriella, Ryan and Sharpay.

Available on Disney Plus from July 27th.

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