Meta’s new VR headset has an introductory name and price

Il nuovo visore VR di Meta ha un nome e un possibile prezzo di lancio thumbnail

Meta is working on the new virtual reality viewer which, according to the latest information, will be called Meta Quest Pro. The project has been under development for some time and is getting closer and closer to its official debut. This is a key project for the future of the company that is investing more and more in the creation of an ecosystem capable of supporting the development of the metaverse.

Meta’s new virtual reality viewer will be called Meta Quest Pro

The confirm on the viewer name comes fromor developer Steve Moser who found a reference to the project in the iOS app. According to initial information, the new Meta Quest Pro will be able to count on a hardware sector of a much higher level than the previous viewers of the company.

The viewer can count on one much higher graphics processing capability than Meta Quest and will also include high-resolution external cameras to handle both virtual reality and augmented reality. The headset will be able to function without being connected to an external device. The device may have specifications similar to those of Apple’s headset.

For what concern prezzothe new Meta Quest Pro should settle around the 1000 dollars, reaching the maximum to slightly exceed this threshold. The price, therefore, will not make the viewer particularly accessible.

Meta’s new project should debut next autumn. Further updates will arrive in the coming weeks.

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