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Levi’s will use virtual models created by startup Lalaland

Artificial intelligence also arrives in the jeans sector thanks to Levi’shistoric company that has decided to use i virtual models created by the startup Lalaland.

Levi’s will use virtual models from Lalaland

The goal is to make the online shopping experience as inclusive as possible. In fact, currently most of the garments can only be seen wearing a model or a model with standard physical structures. The intentions of Levi’s and Lalaland, however, is to create a host of digital models that take into account, thanks to a series of algorithms in support of the artificial intelligence in charge, the various body differences, size, age and skin color.

In this way everyone minorities included, will be able to feel more represented. Currently, the implementation of the virtual models in the Levi’s online circuit is still in the running-in phase, but during the year we should be able to see the first results of the partnership between the American company and Lalaland.

The power of artificial intelligence

Of course there are many doubts and fears that have arisen in the face of this announcement: flesh-and-blood models will gradually be replaced by artificial intelligence?

From this point of view we can breathe a sigh of relief, at least for the moment: Amy Gershkoff Bollesmanager of Levi’s, said human models will continue to be hired by the company.

Yet the fears that AI could also affect the fashion sector are not entirely without foundation. For example we can cite Deep Agencya paid virtual modeling agency that also offers the possibility of creating your own virtual twin to use as you see fit.

Furthermore, the great success that various artificial intelligences are enjoying on the web is also undeniable: Shudu Gram e Miquela Sousa are just some of the most famous names of AI employed in fashion.

Therefore, this enormous clamor of artificial intelligence should not come as a surprise: despite the recent blockage of ChatGPT in Italy, AIs continue to be studied and implemented in the rest of the world, reaching the most disparate fields, passing from science to social media .

And speaking precisely of the latter we could think of Snapchatwhich recently integrated a virtual fitting system into its platform for wearing clothes and objects as if you were in a physical dressing room.

The journey of artificial intelligence has just begun and who knows what other innovations will be revealed to us over time.

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