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The iconic Renault 5 is back to electric

The iconic returns Renault 5 and it’s electric. The design winks at the ancestor. While the first prototypes, still in the testing phase, equipped with platform, power unit and battery.

Renault 5 E-Tech 100%, i test

The team working on Electric Renault 5 tests the car under all types of weather conditions and road surfaces. The B-EV Family Engineering Director, Jerémie Coiffier, B-EV Family Engineering Directorexplains: “These first tests carried out with representative dynamic prototypes must allow us to confirm”.

R5 E Tech 100 font site Renault 2R5 E-Tech 100%, Renault site source

Jerémie Coiffier continues: “In particular, the choices made in terms of performance, comfort and behavior for the development of the future electric Renault 5. Without revealing anything at this stage. We can say that the first laps of the track we have already done clearly position us at the highest level of the category, in the worthy tradition of Mégane E-Tech and encourage us to enthusiastically continue the validation process, until the commercial launch scheduled for next year”.

R5 E Tech 100 source from RenaultR5 E-Tech 100%, Renault site source

Renault 5 E-Tech 100%, the CMF B-EV platform

It was set up for the first time the new CMF-B EV platform on the new electric Renaut 5, and intends to position itself as the most competitive in its segment. At the same time, this offers the highest levels of performance in its category. For this reason, it takes over 70% of the components of the CMF-B platform, used per Clio and Captur. Compared to that of ZOE, the CMF-B EV platform allows to reduce the production cost by 30%.

It facilitates the production, development and performance optimization of next-generation B-segment electric models. With its design and advantages, the new platform makes it possible to create electric vehicles with a new designadjusting the track and wheelbase to suit different body types and styles.

The future electric Renault 5, as already for Mégane E-Tech Electric is a point of reference for its segment in terms of driving pleasure.

R5 E Tech 100 source site Renault 1R5 E-Tech 100%, Renault site source

Renault 5 E-Tech 100%, engine and batteries

Il electric motor of the Renault 5 Electric it is based on the already proven wound rotor synchronous motor technology that we already find on ZOE and Mégane E-Tech Electric. Offering a better yield than that of the permanent magnet motor, the association of this technology with the absence of rare earths allows to limit production costs and the motor’s environmental impact.

Furthermore, the engine will be able to count on a new internal architecture, putting together the three main components: DC/DC converter, battery charger and power distribution control managed by the accessory box.

By bringing together all the functions performed by these three components in a single system, the engine becomes more compact and less heavy. About twenty kilos lighter than that of ZOE, the engine of the future electric Renault 5 will offer better driving pleasure and more dynamics.

The competitiveness sought by Renault with this vehicle will also be achieved thanks to the new battery pack. The transition from 12 modules, as in the ZOE battery, to 4 large modules simplifies the architecture and allows for a reduction in weight of 15 kg. Equipped with a single layer of modules, the battery pack will integrate seamlessly into the new platform. The future electric Renault 5 will, in fact, be able to transport more kWh in a small volume.

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