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Lexar: here are some proposals waiting for Christmas

Waiting for Christmas, Lexar offers us some interesting articles, including USB sticks, External SSDs, memory cards and card readers, let’s find out together in this article

For more than 20 years, lexar is considered the world’s leading brand of memory solutions. Its award-winning product range offers unmatched performance and includes memory cards, flash drives USB, readers and solid state drives. Whether it’s taking photos, capturing videos or simply transferring and sharing files on the go, storage solutions provide the performance and security you need to get the most out of your digital device. All Lexar products undergo extensive testing in quality labs, facilities with more than 1,100 digital devicesto ensure performance, quality, compatibility and reliability.

Lexar: here are some proposals waiting for Christmas


The flash drive USB 3.1 Lexar JumpDrive S80, high performance allows you to transfer photos, videos and files quickly and safely with speeds up to 150 MB/s in reading e 60 MB/s in writing. This versatile storage drive allows you to quickly transfer a 3GB 4K movie in less than 1 minute, compared to 4 minutes using one drive USB 2.0 standard.

Available in a range of capacities from 32GB to 256GBthis unit also has advanced security software with encryption AES a 256 bit to keep your personal information, financial documents or other sensitive files safe. JumpDrive S80 protects essential files from corruption, loss and deletion and easily creates a password protected secure area that automatically encrypts your data.

And, to be on the safe side, files that are deleted from the secure area are permanently deleted and cannot be recovered. It is also backward compatible with devices USB 3.0 e 2.0, offering greater versatility. Prices starting from 14,99 Euro (32GB).

Lexar: here are some proposals waiting for Christmas


It offers the power of two flash drives in one with high-speed USB 3.0 performance to transfer files with read speeds up to 100MB/sec. It is equipped with double connectors USB tipo C/Ato move files smoothly between smartphones with Type-C connectors, tablet, laptop, Mac e computer traditional with type A connectors.

This JumpDrive offers additional memory for your smartphone, tablet or computer and is also a great solution for downloading a lot of content from your devices and saving a copy of your most important files. It includes an advanced security solution with an encryption system AES a 256 bit to protect personal or sensitive files and avoid corruption, loss or deletion. It is ultra-compact and the durable metal shell with rotating protective cap ensures great durability and keeps data safe from the elements while on the go. Price starting from 149,90 Euro (512GB).

Lexar: here are some proposals waiting for Christmas


Designed for the most demanding gamers, this one SSD takes advantage of the latest technology USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 and, lightning-fast performance NVMe with read speeds up to 2000 MB/s e, writing up to 1900 MB/s. The futuristic design with RGB LEDs creates a lively atmosphere to make the game more dynamic and add a touch of warmth.

Made with an elegant aluminum case with a sandblasted finish it is able to withstand shocks and vibrations. The advanced security software with encryption AES a 256 bit protects your most important files from corruption, loss or deletion. The Lexar SL660 has one port USB Type-C (USB-C) compatible with cables USB Type C-Type C and Type C – Type A. The SL 660 Blaze is available in versions from 512GB and 1TB. Price starting from 189,00 Euro (512GB).

Lexar: here are some proposals waiting for Christmas

MicroSD FLY: to record adventures in 4K

This memory card is designed for photography enthusiasts with drones are action cam and, for i content creators because it allows
to quickly capture and transfer high-quality multimedia files, including videos FULLHD e 4k-UHD with read speeds up to 160MB/s and write speeds of up to 90MB/s.

It is classified as Class 10Speed ​​class UHS 3 (U3) e, Speed ​​Class Video 30 (V30). It delivers the stable write speed performance needed to ensure smooth and efficient recording, without missing a single frame. It is also great for use with apps on Android devices. With the classification of the Performance of Applications 2 (A2) allows you to quickly run and store apps directly on the memory card using a storage-enabled device Android Adoptable4. Prezzo:
starting from 25,90 Euro (64GB).

Lexar: here are some proposals waiting for Christmas

MicroSDXC PLAY: ideale per gamer e per smartphone e tablet

Memory cards microSD Lexar PLAY, are ideal for devices of gaming laptops, tablets and smartphonesbecause they are specially designed to keep up with all kind of content games, videos, movies, music or books. They have a read speed of up to 150MB/s and level performance A1 or A2features that reduce long app loading times and allow you to record, play and
quickly transfer a large amount of videos 1080p Full-HD, as well as playing your favorite game without losing even a moment. Thanks to the large capacities you can save all your favorite content and are therefore perfect for portable gaming devices, such as the Nintendo Switch, for smartphones and tablets. Price starting from 34,90 Euro (128GB).

Lexar: here are some proposals waiting for Christmas

CFExpress Diamond Type B: High-speed performance for HD images and 4K video

This card, thanks to the very high transfer speeds, up to 1900 MB/s in reading and up to 1700 MB/s1 in writing, it is the fastest in the world. Features that make it ideal for professional videomakers and the most demanding content creators. The guaranteed minimum write transfer rate of 1600 MB/s1moreover, it allows to greatly accelerate the post-production workflow and thus increase productivity.

With protocols PCIe Gen 3×2 e NVMe high speed allows you to easily record videos in very high quality RAW, ProRes e 8K. Support specifications LPG 400 for professional-quality videos, which enable continuous, uninterrupted performance when writing content to the card. It is backwards compatible with specific cameras XQD2 and delivers next-generation performance to existing devices. In addition, the cards are designed to withstand shocks, vibrations and extreme temperatures for increased durability. Price starting from 319,00 Euro (128GB).

Lexar: here are some proposals waiting for Christmas

CFExpress PRO READER Type B: for professionals who want very high transfer speeds

The new professional player CFexpress Type B USB 3.2 Gen 2 × 2 is designed for professional photographers and videomakers, who need to easily move files even when they are on the go. With this player it’s quick and easy to boost your workflow and download large quantities of high quality images and videos RAW in 8K from the card Lexar CFexpress type B to your computer, with all the speed of the USB 3.2 Gen 2 × 2 standard.

The connectivity of the CFexpress Type B USB 3.2 reader is particularly versatile because the package includes a cable USB 2 in 1 Type C to Type C and Type C to Type A. Compact and portable, it can also be carried in your pocket; its plug-and-play configuration with USB 3.2 connector allows you to easily download files at very high speeds, wherever you are. Price: 99,00 Euro.

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