Lexar presents SSD SL100 Pro, an external memory, compact and fast

Lexar lancia il nuovo SSD SL100 Pro thumbnail

The new Lexar SSD SL100 Pro is Lexar’s proposition for anyone looking for one Ultra-fast, portable and secure external SSD memory. The company offers this new solution, in particular, to image professionals, such as photographers, video makers and content creators, who need to save and transfer large photos and videos very quickly. Here are all the details on the new Lexar home proposal:

Lexar SSD SL100 Pro: portable and super fast

Lexar SSD SL100 Pro is slim and compact (the measurements are 55 x 73.4 x 10.8 mm) and is characterized by a particularly elegant design, with a brushed aluminum finish. The new portable SSD from Lexar arrives on the market in two variants, one from 500 GB and one from 1 TB.

Thanks to a software solution with AES 256-bit encryption, it is possible to protect archived files from damage and deletion. Memory guarantees one read speed up to 950 MB / s and 900 MB / s write. For all the details relating to the technical specifications of the new external SSD memory from Lexar you can consult the official website of the brand.


The new Lexar SSD SL100 Pro arrives on the market with a price of 179,90 euro for the version from 500 GB. The variant from 1 TB, instead, it has a price of 297,90 euro.