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Lexus presents the new LZ-F concept electric cars: new design and technologies

Lexus presented the new electric concept “LF-Z Electrified” at the Tokyo Motor Show. These are two new ones electric cars which the brand plans to produce by 2025 and represent a real novelty.

New Lexus electric concept.  Source: lexus.euLexus LF-Z. Source:

Lexus’ new LF-Z electric concept

Time ago Lexus has embraced the philosophy ofelectric with its full-hybrid cars. From the UX300 crossover to the RZ450e SUV, the automaker aims to deliver electrified versions of all its models by 2025. And these also include the new electric conceptLF-Z Electrified“.

A challenge that the brand intends to pursue also to respect the promises made to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and to propose only electric mobility in Europe and in the world between 2030 and 2035.

There are two cars that are part of the new electric conceptpresented as a preview at the Tokyo Motor Show together with the project that will see its realization, within the objectives of Lexusby 2025. It is a sedan, the LF-ZC, and a maxi-suv, the LF-ZF, which present several innovations compared to the full-hybrids of the past.

The new technologies applied are the same ones being developed for the BEV models of the Toyota group to which it belongs and aim to offer a new driving experience for electric vehicles, much more similar to combustion engines.

Let’s see what the characteristics of the new Lexus electric concept cars are.

Both concept cars anticipate the arrival of a new modular platform and new generations of powertrain and batteries. The new powertrains will be free of rare earths and will count on four types of high-efficiency batteries, expected to arrive between 2026 and 2028.

There are also many new features regarding autonomous driving and connectivity, with the development of a new proprietary Arena OS operating system and the use of AI.

LF-ZC: the new Lexus sedan

The LF-ZCthe sedan of new electric concept it will be 4.75m long, 1.88m wide and 1.39m high. It features a slender silhoutte that reiterates the attention of Lexus to the aerodynamics of its cars and to the design, which brings together the softest curves and taut lines in an elegant way.

The engine of the new electric sedan is a twin-motor powertrain with all-wheel drive and promises a range of 1,000 kilometers.

Looking at the interior design, the car presents itself as extremely spacious with a super-technological and futuristic appearance, thanks also to the by-wire technology of the steering wheel instrument panel.

LF-ZF: the new Lexus maxi-suv

The maxi-suv LF-ZFinstead, it will be 5.30m long, 2.20m wide and 1.70m high. This is the largest variant of the new modular architecture and, just like the sedan, it has a twin-engine powertrain with all-wheel drive.

The passenger compartment is equally spacious as the interior furnishings are similar, with finishes made from sustainable materials such as bamboo. There LF-ZF it is also very bright, thanks to the large windows and the panoramic roof.

Both new concept cars from Lexus they promise to return the Lexus Driving Signaturethe driving style that distinguishes all the cars of the automotive brand and which is described as capable of giving “the driver the sensation of being perfectly connected to the acceleration, deceleration and steering of the car at all times, with linear responses and ready that are faithful to his inputs and intentions.”

How will the new electric concept be created?

To develop and implement the new electric concept, Lexus will open a commercial and technology center of the brand in Shimoyama, Aichi Prefecture in Japan. Scheduled to open in March 2024, the center will bring together engineers and designers Lexus for product planning by 2025.

The new buildings will be fundamental for the development of the new models and for creating synergies with partners, customers and employees, with computer spaces to maximize creativity and productivity.

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