LG ADAS: The new driver assistance system

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LG’s new ADAS system, available on the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class, uses AI and Deep Learning to activate quickly and intelligently.

LG introduces the new ADAS driver assistance system

He arrives FENNEL, the innovative driving assistance system from LG Electronics. L’Advanced Driving Assistance System is already available worldwide on the new one Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2021. It is a system that uses the latest automotive technologies, which perfectly complements the precise engineering of Mercedes-Benz AG. The end result is even greater safety for the driver and passengers of the new C-Class.

Among the essential functions we find the automatic emergency braking, the lane departure warning and theassistance in maintaining it. Furthermore, the system is capable of recognize road signs. LG’s ADAS allows you to optimize the intelligent headlight control and adaptive cruise control. This ensures greater road safety, both for the occupants of the vehicle and for other motorists.

Some of these features, such as lane departure warning and automatic emergency braking, will shortly becomeb mandatory by 2022.

How the driving assistant works

ADAS exploits the system know how, which the brand has developed and tested with experience in mobile communications. This allows images to be recognized through advanced AI and deep learning. All processes that allow the camera to collect, recognize and process various information. Whether it is traffic or detours, the system will always be able to optimize vehicle safety in all conditions.

The driving assistant accurately recognizes the surrounding environment. In this way it is able to constantly analyze the position of the vehicle with respect to surrounding objects, both moving and stationary. In case of danger, it automatically activates the braking system in the event of an imminent collision. The camera data also allows the system to warn drivers if they are inadvertently swerving into the next lane or getting too close to the vehicle in front.

LG Vehicle component Solutions (VS) has received various product safety certifications. Among these we point out the one issued by TÜV Rheinland. The global testing and certification organization has in fact awarded ADAS the ISO 26262 certifications for the Functional Safety of the Product and the Functional Safety Process.

“LG has been working with Mercedes-Benz AG / Daimler AG for nearly 10 years to prepare for the future of mobility and the development of autonomous vehicles,” said Kim Jin-yong, president of LG Electronics’ Vehicle components Solutions Company. “It is partnerships with automotive industry leaders that allow us to bring our innovations to the world of vehicles and help make roads safer for all.”