LG and Falconeri launch the “perfect cashmere” operation

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LG Electronics e Falconeri have launched the “Perfect Cashmere” operation: the two brands together will explain how to give due care to your garments. In fact, Falconeri’s cashmere yarns can be washed without fear, thanks to LG technologies.

LG and Falconeri launch the “perfect cashmere” operation

Falconeri has conducted several tests on the washing machine LG AI DD (model F6WV7105GA), to evaluate the effect on their cashmere yarns. The result? Clean, soft and in perfect condition. This is because LG’s artificial intelligence can recognize the degree of softness of fabrics and choose among 200 thousand combinations to produce the best results.

Technology Steam+ for example, it uses low temperature steam to sanitize garments, without damaging them. And it also saves on energy (which given the expensive bills is excellent news).

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The two brands have therefore decided to put into practice a special promotion, which will be active until 18 December on LG Online Shop and in the best consumer electronics stores. If you buy a washing machine LG AI DDin fact, you can receive a Falconeri pure cashmere sweater.

In addition, there will be a joint campaign on the social channels. And in Falconeri flagship stores throughout Italy you can see the washing machine LG AI DD together with the garments in cashmere by Falconeri. It becomes easier and safer to wash with artificial intelligence.

Two quality products, which work very well together. Find more information on the promotion at this address.