Instagram will allow you to add music to your profile

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The well-known leaker Alessandro Paluzzi posted a screenshot on Twitter where you can see a new Instagram feature: adding music to your profile. A Meta spokesperson would have confirmed that the feature is currently activated for internal testing only.

How will adding music to Instagram profile work

According to what was reported by Paluzzi, the new functionality will allow users to choose a song that will appear in the bio of the profile, under the link section. In testing the feature, Paluzzi added Never Gonna Give You Up’s to his profile Rick Astley.

Adding music to your profile is very reminiscent of a turn-of-the-millennium MySpace, when users could choose to add songs to their bio. We remind you that the functionality is currently being tested internally, so it is not taken for granted that it will be implemented on the platform in the future.

At the end of September, the same leaker had announced that Instagram was testing a new feature: the search bar in the stories. This feature would allow the user to manually search for who has viewed (or not viewed) a particular story. This is definitely a novelty useful for those who have many followersand that would then have to scroll quite a bit to find a particular user in the list.