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LG Electronics and Fortnite together! Let’s discover the new map.

Gaming fans will be thrilled to know that LG Electronics has partnered with Fortnite. Are you ready to challenge yourself in the new virtual space dedicated to the best known battle royale game in the world? Let’s find out all the details about it together

LG Electronics and Fortnite

LG Electronics has partnered with Fortnite, the popular free battle royale game developed and published by Epic Games. The collaboration gives LG UltraGear fans a unique experience. Inside Fortnite Creative, the game’s sandbox mode, LG has launched the LG UltraGear premium brand map: UltraCity.

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The map

The map will challenge you to gain control of UltraGear Port, Gaming Monitor Factory and UltraGear Brand Lounge. We also inform you that, to give a sense of realism to the map, many of the buildings and places in the virtual environment are inspired by real LG Electronics structures. Will you be able to find the cleverly hidden tagline of the UltraGear Be the Game Changer brand? Will you be able to complete certain objectives within the allotted time? You just have to try! If successful, you will be equipped with a special weapon that will help you overcome enemies and finish the map with a victory.

How to immerse yourself in this new adventure

To try UltraCity, just enter the island code in Fortnite’s creative mode (7006-5966-2409).

But the surprises do not tremble here! To celebrate the launch of the map, LG is organizing a series of events including several live streams on Twitch of famous Fortniters testing UltraCity. In particular, on April 15, Fortnite fans can join teams led by famous game influencers in North America and Europe. The various challenges will be streamed live on each influencer’s personal channel and on UltraGear’s Twitch channel.

The best experience

The map is best experienced on premium gaming monitors LG UltraGear. They are designed for all gaming lovers and offer a fast and realistic gaming experience thanks to the panel Nano IPS which provides a response time of 1ms (GtG)[1]. High refresh rates deliver fast and smooth images, even in 4K.

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