Alpine and IED present the hydrogen concept car

Alpine e IED presentano la concept car a idrogeno thumbnail

Twenty-eight students of the Master in Transportation Design dell’European Institute of Design (IED) are pleased to present their vision of the sports car with the hydrogen powered A4810 based on the specifications of the design teams Alpine. Let’s find out all the details together!

IED and Alpine together – The concept car

Alpine proposed to the students to imagine a super berlinette for 2035 by selecting two ideas to combine. The young designers have created the A4810 Project by IED: a concept car that is light, powerful and agile at the same time, capable of offering great driving pleasure.

Its name reflects the tradition of the Marca. In fact, 4810 is the height of Mont Blanc in meters.

The A4810 boasts a length of 5091mm, a width of 2010mm and a height of 1055mm. The powerplant is hydrogen powered. If the engine and fuel tanks are designed like those of hypercars, the big news lies in the subtraction process.

The design

The profile offers an alternation between full and empty spaces that gives the vehicle a certain lightness and aerodynamic characteristics inspired by the world of Formula 1. On the other hand, the intention of the project was to bring the brand to the top of the sports car category. .

The two-tone colors, matte black and carbon fiber accents create a contrast with the various elements of the car, emphasizing its functions: aerodynamic, mechanical or simply formal.

Students on the design team used digital tools to design the interiors. They then incorporated hydrogen technology and developed a new concept car that nods to a much more sustainable, zero-emission future.

The statements

Paola Zini, Director of IED Turin, enthusiastically declares: “Again this year, through the most important project of their studies, the students of the Master have made their own, in a fertile and visionary context, the concepts of skills transversality and team working. These elements, which are part of the IED DNA, will prepare them to face the challenges of the future of the sector and will form the basis of their professional success. The contribution with which the Marca Alpine has participated with passion, enthusiasm and constant presence, adds a further milestone in international collaborations and has offered students the opportunity to work under the guidance of Antony Villain, Alpine Design Director, and Raphael Linari, Chief Designer of the Brand, as well as IED Alumnus, whom we had the pleasure of finding ”.

Antony VillainAlpine’s Design Director says: “The collaboration with the European Institute of Design and its students has been a great experience. It represented not only a “filter” to bring out the perception of our Brand by the younger generations, but also the opportunity to share our passion, our know-how and to give these students the right advice for a career successful as a car designer “.

“The A4810 Project by IED was an exhilarating experience, shared with IED students and teachers”, he added Raphael Linari, Alpine Chief Designer. “The result is a futuristic supercar that explores new territories for the brand, at every level: shapes, proportions, design language… The creative approaches of these talented students, combined with the IED know-how, have provided very interesting answers. The final result, which is magnificent, has made this collaboration a success on all fronts! “.

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