LG Gram Notebook review: ultra light and high performance design but at what price?

La recensione del Notebook LG Gram: design ultra leggero e performante ma a che prezzo? thumbnail

Il notebook LG Gram 16Z90R is proof of LG to want provide consumers with devices that are light and of design but at the same time performing. This combination is combined with the versatility of a 16 ″ LCD display, however a price not exactly within everyone’s reach: €1499. Is the requested cost suitable for the performance? but above all, do they live up to the high expectations given by LG? Let’s find out in this review of the LG Gram 16Z90R

Our review of the LG gram 16Z90R Notebook

As anticipated, the main feature of this notebook is the incredible lightness and reduced thickness that do not affect the performance of a high-end notebook in any way. In just over 1.68 cm thick we find a 12-core Intel Core i7 processor and a 16GB dual-channel RAM (DDR5). All enclosed in a minimalist design with soft “curves” and in full style with the LG Gram series.

LG Gram 16Z90R notebook data sheet

  • Dimensions: 35,59 x 1,68 x 24,34 cm
  • Weight: 1.19 kg
  • Display: IPS LCD da 16” (2560×1600)
  • CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-1360P (12 Core: 4P + 8E) Evo™ Platform
  • GPU: Intel Iris Xe Graphics
  • RAM: 16GB DDR5 Dual Channel
  • Internal memory: 1TB SSD
  • Drums: 80 Wh Li-Ion
  • Connectivity: Intel Wireless-AX211, Bluetooth 5.1, LAN (RJ45)
  • Porte: 2x USB Thunderbolt 4, 2x USB, 1 HDMI, 1 Jack 3,5mm, 1 slot Micro SD


Dwelling a little more on the design is impossible not to notice the incredible manufacturing work done to contain a 16″ Notebook in such small dimensions. We are talking about 35.59 x 1.68 x 24.34 cm for just over 1Kg of weight. This impressive lightness is given by an innovative magnesium alloy and the use of excellent materials and the fact that we are dealing with a 16″ makes everything even more impressive.

On the other hand, there’s little to be shocked about style. In fact, LG maintains a classic and functional style without any kind of frills or lights: a gray chassis (in our case) perfectly rectangular with rubber feet, a single practical hinge and the “Gram” in the center. In contrast, both the keyboard and the touchpad are large. The first is one Classic QWERTY with numeric keypad and power button, while the touchpad maintains all the features of the most modern sensors with excellent performance.

As for portewe find a HDMI input 1, Two Thunderbolt USB ports, Two USB C ports, one 3.5mm jack input and one MicroSD slot. Inside the package, made with recycled materials, we also find the charger for the battery.


LG Gram 16Z90R review

Inside the reduced chassis we find components and consequently, performances that are not limited. Starting from 16″ display, we are facing an IPS with 2560×1600 resolution and 350nit of brightness. The panel features an anti-reflection treatment to eliminate interference on the screen and enjoy an optimal viewing experience even in strong ambient light conditions. There Full HD resolution offers a sharp and detailed image, which makes viewing multimedia content an enjoyable experience. There color quality and wide viewing angle guarantee excellent visual performance, whether you are watching a movie or working on graphic projects

Inside of, the computer is powered by a thirteenth generation Intel Evo i7 processor as well as 16GB of 6000MHz DDR5 RAM. This translates into exceptional responsiveness and great multitasking ability to increase work efficiency throughout the day. Even the most demanding applications can be handled smoothly thanks to theeffective combination of hardware and software. Furthermore, thebattery life is remarkableallowing you to use the notebook for many hours before having to recharge it.

The backlit keyboard offers comfortable typing even in low light conditions, while the touchpad is responsive and accurate. The presence of numerous porteincluding USB Type-C, HDMI and SD card reader, allows you to easily connect external devices and expand the capabilities of your notebook.

Our review of the LG Gram 16Z90R notebook

For this review, we tested the LG Gram 16Z90R for about 10 days during which time it has been used for the most disparate operations, from daily use for web browsing and entertainment to work (as in the writing of this review).

Of course, let’s start with most prestigious features of this Notebook, dimensions and weight. In our review experience we have never come across such a light yet high performance Notebook, with excellent features and performance. Against, the feel that it returns to the touch is not the best. The magnesium alloy seemed too similar to plastic and in terms of resistance, we never felt too safe. Obviously greater stability would have represented greater thickness and consequently greater weight.

Nothing to say about the performance, up to expectations. Il display offers excellent color depth, rich in detail and good levels of contrast. RAM and processor work great to ensure excellent performance for daily use and without pretensions. We tried to edit photos and videos and if you don’t overdo it, it moves very well. As can be guessed, we are not dealing with a gaming laptop but it can handle less demanding games like Hades or League of Legends.

We particularly liked the LG software suite which complete this Notebook as LG Security Guard o LG Glance by Mirametrix for better security. While the former communicates with our smartphone to report anomalous situations, the latter uses face and eye detection for maximum privacy. The battery life is also excellent, which guarantees, on average, up to 7-8 hours of moderate use.

The doubts…

…mainly concern the quality-price ratio of this Notebook. Although we are dealing with an excellent device, the full price of €1499 seemed excessively excessive to us, especially if we consider the alternatives on the market. Obviously this also and above all depends on the needs that can bring you closer to such a notebook.

If the performance and features inside can be largely surpassed by another model for the same amount, it is true that it is practically impossible to find a device on the market that boasts such portability and versatility.

The LG Gram 16Z90R review in a nutshell

Definitely, the LG Gram 16Z90R notebook has proved to be an excellent device designed primarily for students or workers who move often and who don’t want to give up the convenience of a notebook that is always at hand. In terms of weight and portability, it has no equal and if you correspond to the user just described, you won’t be able to do without it.

The €1499 price tag might be a bit steep for most of us, but it is a compromise to be paid (literally) to have the comfort and versatility of a notebook in your hands without sacrificing performance and autonomy. All this, let’s not forget, in 16 large inches of display.

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