Nicolas Winding Refn uses ChatGPT for a script, with bad results

Nicolas Winding Refn prova ChatGPT per una sceneggiatura, con pessimi risultati thumbnail

Director Nicolas Winding Refnknown for his films “Drive” e “Only God Forgives“, he recently expressed his dissatisfaction with ChatGPT, instead declaring his support for the strike of Hollywood screenwriters and actors. According to Refn, AI is only useful for producing “empty” content that lacks artistic significance. While using ChatGPT, the bot even suggested him to seek psychological help after dealing with nasty subjects for script purposes.

Nicolas Winding Refn criticizes ChatGPT, scripts are ’empty’

Refn revealed in an interview with IndieWire that ChatGPT closed when facing controversial questions or topics considered unacceptable. The AI ​​would respond with phrases like “I am unable to comment” or “seek professional help”, making the interaction frustrating for the director.

This experience led the director to question the usefulness of ChatGPT in the context of creativity. He concluded that although he had originally planned to use AI creatively, eventually stopped doing it due to the constant problems.

Refn argues that artificial intelligence, a crucial point for members of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA currently on strikeshould be considered a “tool” for creatives in order to improve their work rather than replace it.

Refn goes on to state that the amount of content produced obj has no precedent, but believes that most people spend their time looking for what not to look at instead of actually looking. According to Refn, artificial intelligence creates a higher level of marketable content that, in reality, they convey no meaning.

For products that we know how to really excite and convey a strong meaning, we need to focus on the talent of the screenwriters. And so you have to compensate for their work to the fullest.

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