LG, home appliances with a minimalist design at CES 2023

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LG Electronics al CES 2023 Of Las Vegas will carry a line of home appliances from minimalist design really cool, including a new washer and dryer. An approach that focuses on the essential, removing everything that does not create value for the user. Aiming for a timeless style.

LG, home appliances with a minimalist design make their debut at CES 2023

The advantage of a minimal approach for appliances is that they can be adapted to any type of furniture. This also gives you the ability to mix and match them with color schemes and design trends without any problems, allowing you to match it with old and new furniture.

Modern look that you can also integrate into the classic, color palette and taste that do not forget simplicity. Without forgetting the environment: since they are made with recycled materials and use less energy than average, you can maximize your economic and environmental benefits.

LG aims to reduce its impact on any type of operating area, so it has designed these appliances with sustainability in mind. It reduces the number of components and the printed elementsincreasing the durability of the products.

Furthermore, LG has ensured packaging, but also internal and external parts, made from recyclable materials. And to extend its life even further, it has made it possible for users to download new features and updates directly from the LG ThinQ app.

Lyu Jae-cheol, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company, explains: “Sustainable, elegant and simple to use, our home appliances with a minimalist design offer a new value for people. We will continue to deliver carefully engineered advanced solutions that incorporate our innovative technologies and reflect the our commitment to environmental responsibility.”

Those going to Las Vegas will be able to see these novelties at the stand LG #15501, Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas at CES 2023 January 5-8. We will tell you about them!

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