YouTube tests Karaoke mode: singing has never been more fun than this

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YouTube is starting to test the new feature for those who want to sing along to their favorite tunes. It may therefore be available in the future karaoke mode for the world’s most popular music and media platform.

YouTube, karaoke mode: how it works

The alleged test features that make YouTube karaoke mode possible have been published. It would seem that, at the exact moment the song begins, the album remains in the foreground of the screen for a while. Then it moves to the right side to make room for the text, which will highlight the exact line to follow in order not to lose the thread of the song.

Furthermore, once the song is finished, Google will give the possibility to highlight the song’s credits. And, if there are no lyrics available to sing along to, YouTube will only display the album cover, song title, and artist name in the center of the screen.

Since this feature is still a test, the ability to sing in karaoke mode is only given by other platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.

Spotify and karaoke mode for true singing enthusiasts

Spotify has released the karaoke mode. Not only that: for the most impartial competition possible, the app will be a judge your performance. Thanks to an artificial intelligence, at the end of the song you will receive a “accuracy scorebased on intonation and ability to keep time.

How to activate it

To activate karaoke mode from smarpthone, it will be enough swipe from bottom to topwhere you will find the lyrics of the song you are listening to and a microphone with the inscription “sing”. Similar procedure for the desktop app: in this case, the icon will be positioned at the bottom of the screen. If you are unable to activate this mode, it is the right thing to update the app from your smartphone.

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