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LG Partners with GameStop and Launch ‘Best Gaming Experience’

LG Electronics e GameStop launch the projectThe best gaming experience“, in a collaboration designed for gaming enthusiasts.

“The best gaming experience”, what is the LG project and GameStop

With this initiative they are made available tips and advice to make one fully customized gaming station.

In fact, gamers can access a series of products selected on the basis of their degree of experience and familiarity with consoles.

In all, LG and GameStop have thought of three different proposals, based on the player’s profile:

  • level 1 – Rookiesor for those who are beginners and have recently started to approach the world of gaming;
  • level 2 – Competitivedesigned for those who have a good knowledge of the gaming world;
  • level 3 – Pro Gamerfor professionals who know how to dominate even the most difficult matches.

Products designed for gamers

The two partners have identified a product set ideal for playing the perfect game. LG has selected the best gaming monitors and TVs for ultra gaming experiences.

For i Rookiewe find the monitor UltraGear Full HD 27GQ50A and the TV Nanocell 43NANO796. For i Competitive there are the TV LG OLED42C26 e LG 50QNED826. For i Pro Gamer There is the monitor UltraGear UHD 4K Nano IPS 32GQ950 eh TV LG OLED55C26 e OLED48C26.

The project is certainly an important novelty in the gaming world, which sees the South Korean multinational and one of the most established retailers in the gaming world with over 200 points of sale in Italy join forces to guarantee their customers a gaming experience tailored to each of them. They.

The products designed for each gamer are available on the LG website and on the GameStop website.

To consult the characteristics of each device, we invite you to visit the following site.

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