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Philips TAG5106, the new wireless headphones for gaming

MMDpartner at Philips Monitorsannounces a really interesting new pair of gaming headsets: the Philips TAG5106. Con driver da 50 mm for impeccable sound, a design designed for comfort and dual wireless connections, they’re a really attractive solution for gamers and beyond (at a price that’s hard to beat).

Philips TAG5106, features and price of the new gaming headphones

The new headphones from Philips have both the 2.4GHz wireless connection and Bluetooth connection, to give you maximum flexibility. But also the one wired via jack da 3,5 millimeters for every eventuality. With a 45 hour batterythey will be excellent companions even for longer gaming sessions.

They also have next generation surround sound DTS Headphone:X 2.0 a 7.1 canali, which allows you to really immerse yourself in the game: you can quickly distinguish where the various sounds are coming from. Thanks to the driver da 50 mm designed by Philips acoustic engineers, they will be accurate. And loads of bass and detail for listening to music too.

Philips TAG5106 cuffie gaming min

The new Philips TAG5106 also have a unidirectional microphone with noise canceling to allow for easy dialogue during matches. And also for calls of all kinds. The microphone is removableif necessary.

The award-winning design has several times a futuristic aesthetic which is well suited to the style of each player, especially with the adaptable light beam on the side. But it is discreet enough to serve even on the go with the mobile connection to your smartphone.

Philips has also studied the leatherette and memory foam ear cushions to ensure comfort over time, without sacrificing audio quality.

You can buy the Philips TAG5106 at the price of 99,90 euro: Find more information here.

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