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LG: presented the new robot CLOi ServeBot

The new LG CLOi ServeBot robot offers excellent performance and maximum reliability. With six wheels and autonomous suspension, LG’s new robot is the ideal solution for the restaurant sector

LG Electronics (LG) presented the new LG CLOi ServeBot (model LDLTR30). This is an ideal robot for commercial applications where direct contact with customers is required, such as catering.

Thanks to the fast and reliable self-driving system, able to move on different types of pavement. With a renewed design with advanced functionsLG CLOi ServeBot guarantees a smart and efficient service.

Among the new features there is also an assistance function that helps people find their way around the store and therefore allows staff to devote more time to other management and administrative tasks.

LG: presented the new robot CLOi ServeBot

Details about the new LG CLOi ServeBot robot

Introduced to the market in early 2020, LG CLOi ServeBot was designed to be used in public places. Such as restaurants, hospitals and offices; to offer direct assistance to people. Today, it is being relaunched in a revamped version that includes new and exclusive usage features.

In fact, the new model offers more advanced movement capabilities thanks to the 6 wheels and autonomous suspensions; these allow it to move stably on different types of flooring, including carpet.

Furthermore, to guarantee the safe transport of drinks and meals (including soups and liquids, even on surfaces with a slope of up to 5 millimetres), the following are added:

  • a 3D camera
  • e a LiDAR sensor (Light Detection and Ranging) useful for easily overcoming obstacles, ensuring the correct transport of the load.


The new LG CLOi ServeBot is also equipped with a greater load capacity, which now reaches up to 40 kilograms; also owns greater flexibilitythanks to four easily accessible shelves (21 x 17 inches), one of which can be used as a main compartment.

Among other things, the new robot also guarantees greater practicality of use thanks to the compartments in the upper part, the cup holders and a lower compartment; the latter can be used to store items such as napkins, cutlery and other utensils. The shelves are also removable and can be positioned higher or lower with a range of up to 2.8 inches.

Infine LG CLOi ServeBot now offers a large 10.1-inch display and a handy built-in content management system. In this way, merchants can adapt the robot to a specific use, for example by projecting videos, images or texts. Or by setting the reproduction of a “digital face” capable of expressing a wide range of emotions that make interaction with customers more fluid.

This feature not only allows you to offer customers relevant information, such as menu recommendations or in-store promotions; but it also allows you to advertise the services of partner companies.

Also usable for entertainment purposes, such as displaying personalized content for special events, the new LG CLOi ServeBot robots communicate with each other to coordinate movementsfacilitating smooth and efficient operation.

LG: presented the new robot CLOi ServeBot

Claims regarding LG’s new CLOi ServeBot robot

LG CLOi ServeBot is a reliable partner capable of efficiently carrying out various activities, from table service to accompaniment in the structure, from entertainment to the provision of information

ha declared Roh Kyu-chanvice president and head of the robotics division of LG Electronics Business Solutions Company.

By leveraging LG’s autonomous robotic technology, we will continue to bring new and exciting value-added experiences to people.

LG’s new CLOi ServeBot is currently available in the United States and Japan with plans to roll out to other countries at a later date.

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