LG presents a solution for residential heat recovery ventilation

LG presenta una soluzione per la ventilazione residenziale a recupero di calore thumbnail

LG Electronics announces its first solution of residential ventilation with heat recovery (ERV). With multi-stage filtration it allows a healthier home and energy savings, to breathe better and pollute less.

LG introduces its heat recovery residential ventilation (EVR) solution

All new constructions in EU countries must be “Nearly zero energy buildings” (nZEB). But beyond the regulations, users want to save on their bills and reduce the environmental impact. That’s why LG launches its residential ERV solution.

A complete solution, featuring a multi-stage filtration system. And which is also compatible with the app LG ThinQ. In order to be able to monitor the level of fine dust and carbon dioxide in real time and also manage the ventilation remotely.

LG’s new solution doesn’t just replace stale air with fresh, clean air. The LG heat exchanger ensures effective air circulation and reduces energy wasterecovering up to 85% of the heating energy in winter and 83% of the cooling energy in summer.

All this while also guaranteeing air purification and sanitation, in order to free the air from harmful particles and germs and at the same time maintain optimal product performance.

Clean air and at the right temperature

LG uses UVnano technology in products such as i DUALCOOL air conditioners, refrigerators and water purifiers, which prevents the formation of 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. Plus the fine dust filter ePM1 95%, which captures over 95% of fine dust particles.

I sensed Dual Laser for fine dust and CO2finally, they allow you to monitor air quality in an easy way. A solution that helps you breathe better and avoid waste, both in summer and in winter.

Gianluca Figini, Air Solution Director, LG Electronics Italia explains: “The LG residential ERV effectively reduces energy waste, improves indoor air quality and offers a smart user experience. We will continue to innovate our air purification technologies and expand our range of efficient solutions to improve home air quality, offer greater comfort and significant energy savings ”.

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