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Marvel Puzzle Quest enters the 505 Games catalog

505 Games continues to expand into the free-to-play market. In fact today comes the news that Digital Bros, parent company of 505, has acquired the ownership of D3 Go!, the publisher of the acclaimed Marvel Puzzle Quest franchise. The announcement comes from the same 505 with an official press note, which reads:

“This acquisition gives 505 Games sole ownership of the entire Puzzle Quest franchise. This follows the purchase, in 2021, of Infinity Plus Two, the Australian development studio, creator of the Puzzle Quest series. “

505 Games now holds exclusive ownership of the Marvel Puzzle Quest titles

The popular franchise consists of 9 games available for mobile and console, including the acclaimed Puzzle Quest: The Legend Returns. The titles inherited from D3 Go! They will continue to be supported and, thanks to additional investments in the near future, new content published by 505 Games will be developed. The 8-person D3 Go! will join the 505 Games US office in Calabasas, California.

“D3 Go! has done a great job bringing some of the biggest games in the Puzzle Quest series to market and it was only natural to welcome them into the 505 Games family, allowing us to further enrich our proprietary IP catalog, “he said. Clive Robert, Head of Free-to-Play 505 Games. “This acquisition, the second in just two years, demonstrates our commitment to growing our F2P business unit to offer gamers the best titles on the market.

D3 Go! è leighth acquisition of the company to date. The others involved Infinity Plus 2, UK-based DR Studios and Italy-based Kunos Simulations. 505 Games’ F2P portfolio has several projects currently in development that leverage each studio’s experience across various genres of video games and across multiple platforms.

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