LG Signature presents Hide and Seek at Milan Design Week

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Looking at the world of technology, especially the one that facilitates life at home, with the dreamy gaze of a child. This is what it conveys Hide and Seekthe new short film by Francesca Molteni and produced by Muse Factory of Projects, in a new step in the collaboration between LG Signature e Molteni & C. In the context of the Milan Design Week it will be possible to discover this project, along with many other experiences related to the brand of the Korean group.

LG Signature presenta Hide and Seek

Two children await their busy parents and decide to play hide and seek to pass the time. This is the starting point of the short film that will bring the little protagonists into a unique experience, discovering all possibilities offered by LG Signature technology.

In their explorations they move with all the amazement that characterizes children. That luminous gaze that is inside each of us, but that we often try to suppress. Seeing it in the eyes of the two protagonists of Hide and Seek allows us to relive it and return to excite us. Even just with a refrigerator that opens without the need to use your hands or a television unrolling (yes, you got it right) before our eyes.

The environment in which the two young actors move is none other than the showroom of Molteni & C, a brand that just like LG Signature has become synonymous with excellence and refinement. It is a further step in the collaboration between the two brands, which starts from one communion of viewsin design and beyond.

A bond that has resulted not only in the short film, which on the occasion of the Milan Design Week will be screened on floor -1 of the showroom Signature Kitchen Suite in Via Manzoni, 47, but also in collaborative productions. In fact, a scenography is already present in the same location that combines the Molteni & C collections with LG Signature products. In the future there will be new similar collaborations both in the Contract Atelier in Milan and in the boutique concept store Co van der Horst in Amsterdam. And who knows that others will not arrive in the future!

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Stay close to nature

lg signature hide and seek mdw

However, he will not be alone in the LG Signature space at Milan Design Week Hide and Seek to discover, but it will be possible to live a complete experience, called True To Nature. A path that guides us to discover the many products of the ultra-premium brand.

It starts with an illustration by Carlo Stanga which shows us a transversal look at a city of Milan reconquered by nature and food. A wall to be explored to rediscover the most iconic places of the city revisited in a new key.

Then the journey will lead us to discover revolutionary products, both in design and functionality, starting from convertible refrigerator undercounter and from wine cellar also under the counter. Accompanied by them we will explore many aspects of our cuisine, which perhaps we had never really explored.

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You will then discover how the preparation of an Italian excellence like thebalsamic vinegar of Modena, or how LG Signature ovens have very useful functions to prepare our favorite sauces, with a very slow cooking. And of course there is no lack of wine, with a taste of a particular wine defined as ancestral, with a complex fermentation that returns a unique taste and a memorable experience.

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LG Signature returns to Milan Design Week with Hide and Seek

But to tell in words how the showroom has been transformed Signature Kitchen Suite (unique in Europe for the brand) does not make it like experiencing it firsthand. So our invitation can only be to invite you to visit this splendid location and try everything it has to offer.

The short film Hide and Seek will be screened at the LG Signature space in Via Manzoni, 47 in Milan from 7 to 12 June. If you are curious to find out, you can also see it directly on the brand’s website.

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