LG Ultragear, the new monitors arrive in Italy

LG Ultragear, i nuovi monitor arrivano in Italia thumbnail

LG announces the arrival on the market of new family monitors LG UltraGear 2022really of every size and quality: we pass from Full HD of 24GN60T up to 48-inch OLED 4K of 48GQ900. To really meet the needs of all gamers.

Specifications and prices of the new LG UltraGear 2022 monitors arrived in Italy

Very high performance, modern design and image quality that allows you to fully enjoy games and streaming content. The new product line UltraGear on LG really promises the best, for every type of player.

Already from October you can find on LG Online Shop and in the best consumer electronics stores the new top-of-the-range monitors: 32GQ950, 32QG850 e 48GQ900 (which you see on the cover). They have the Nano IPS display, the refresh rate at 240Hz (260Hz in overclocking). And then they introduce OLED technology, HDMI 2.1 connectivity and really short response times.

LG Ultragear 24GN60T

However, not all players need the new top of the range. For example, you might prefer the 34 ” UltraGear curved design 34GP63A, in 21: 9 format. With a 160Hz refresh rate and 1 millisecond response time, along with AMD FreeSync Premium, Dynamic Action Sync and Black Stabilizer, it really lets you play games to the max.

Full HD 24 “models 24GN60T e27” 27GQ50Atogether with the 32 “Quad HD monitor 32GN63T, allow you to play big at a more affordable price. The latter also does not give up 1ms response time, 165Hz refresh rate and AMD FreeSync Premium and nVIDIA G-Sync compatibility.

Finally, the Ultra HD 4K monitor 27GP95R allows you to take full advantage of consoles as well. In fact, you can play in 4K at 120Hz with HDMI 2.1 and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR).

The prices of the new line

Find the new monitors at the recommended price of:

  • LG UltraGearTM Full HD 24GN60T: €249
  • LG UltraGearTM Full HD 27GQ50A: €299
  • LG UltraGearTM Quad HD 32GN63T: €399
  • LG UltraGearTM Quad HD 32GQ850: €879
  • LG UltraGearTM Quad HD 34GP63A: €579
  • LG UltraGearTM Ultra HD 4K 27GP95R: € 899
  • LG UltraGearTM Ultra HD 4K 32GQ950: €1.249
  • LG UltraGearTM OLED 4K 48GQ900: €1.499

More information on the LG website.