LG unveils Objet OLED TVs at Milan Design Week

LG svela i TV OLED Objet alla Milano Design Week thumbnail

On the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2022LG presents two new exclusive models: LG OLED Objet Easel (model 65Art90) e LG OLED Object Placed (model LX1). At the Salone dei Tessuti, in collaboration with com niceproves that TVs can furnish with great style.

LG OLED Objet Easel and Posé TVs at Milan Design Week

The theme is “A Life Extraordinary”And the combination of Dutch design furniture and the new LG lifestyle TVs underlines this. Even the choice of the Salone dei Tessuti has its reason: in fact the model Easel di LG OLED Objet has a cmobile over in fabric, controllable with the remote control. In fact you can enable the setting Line View, by raising the cover and showing only a part of the screen, for example showing only the time and an audio player.

In addition, the TV is inspired by an easel to paint and exhibit the best of LG technology. A TV that furnishes, even when you are not using it to watch a movie or a series in streaming. But the quality of the display remains the same: the OLED evo technology shows perfect picturesthe processor α9 Gen5 leverages AI to deliver self-illuminating pixels of absolute quality.

Lots of technology and the fabric cover made by the Danes of Squarefor an extra touch of quality.

The other big news presented at Milan Design Week is Posé (LX1) of LG OLED Objet. A minimal design that allows it to integrate perfectly with any style of furniture, but it has a unique style. The slightly curved edges, with a soft beige color. But also a system of intelligent connections that allows you to have as few cables as possible.

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On the OLED evo panel you can also set the Gallery mode, to admire works of art and photographs that decorate your home with taste. Cathy OhHead of Marketing Communication of LG Home Entertainment Company, explains: “These particular TVs stand out from traditional TVs thanks to their form factor and unmistakable finishes, meeting the taste of those who are looking for the value of real innovation”.

You can admire the two models at the Salone dei Tessuti in Milan during the Milan Design Week, from 7 to 12 June. Easel (in the 65 ” format) e Posé (in the triple format of 42 ”, 48 ” and 55 ”) will arrive in the third quarter of this year in Europe. We will keep you posted.