Avatars arrive on TikTok

Arrivano gli avatar su TikTok thumbnail

Incredible news from TikTok, which has recently introduced the new filter Avatars, which transforms users into real animated characters. This means that you can finally start posting your content without actually showing your face. Recently announced, TikTok avatars work much like Apple’s Memoji. So let’s see how they work in more detail.

TikTok Avatars, the new feature of the platform

TikTok avatars are one of the most interesting new features of the social App. A simple and fun option that we are sure you will appreciate. To use it, in fact, it will be enough use the camera within the application to detect your face, which will be superimposed on an animated avatar that mimics your movements. This way you can record videos using the avatar directly, without necessarily having to appear in person in the shared contents. To make it easier for you, the TikTok App offers you a dozen pre-set avatars. But it still gives you the option to customize one to your liking.

TikTok Avatars

As you can see in the image above, the platform will allow you to modify features such as the skin tonethe mouth shape and the eyes colour. In addition to add accessories such as headdresses and / or jewelry. For now, the options available to users are limited, but TikTok has stated that it will accept user feedback, and will work with the Creator Diversity Collective to improve and update its avatars. “From clothing to complexion and hair color to texture, creating inclusive functionality and experiences remains our priority – writes TikTok -. And we will continue to listen to our community and seek feedback from creators at every stage of its development. “

In any case, if the TikTok filter has intrigued you, we suggest you try it as soon as possible. Just look for the “TikTok Avatars” effect and give free rein to your imagination.

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