LG wants to increase the use of recycled plastic, 600 thousand tons by 2030

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LG Electronics, a global giant operating in the field of technology, wants to increase plastic recycling. The goal it aims at is the use of quasi 600 thousand tons of plastic recycled by 2030, as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions along the plants and vehicles that make up its value chain.

The company wants to create a real recovery ecosystem for electronic waste, so as to increase the recovery of post – consumer recycled materials in its products. In 2020 LG used approx 20 thousand tons of recycled plastic, and aims to reach altitude 200mila by 2025.

Which products benefit from LG’s plastic recycling

At the moment these recycled materials are used by LG in TVs, monitors, speakers, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and soon also for product coatings. LG is also reducing the use of virgin plastic. In 2021, 18 models of TV OLED with less virgin plastic than the 14 models of the previous year, saving almost 10 thousand tons of plastic.

The company will increase the take-back of e-waste, with a goal of reaching 8 million tons by 2030. That would be a great achievement, given the 4.5 million tons withdrawn in 2006. In South Korea, LG Chilseo Recycling Center it collects waste and also produces new components from recycled plastic, sending it to appliance plants.

Not only plastic, greenhouse gases must also be reduced

The giant is also trying to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by analyzing the entire life cycle of the product (from production to disposal, also considering transport). In June, LG entered into an official agreement with the Korean Ministry of the Environment e the local inhabitants to manage in a plastic – free way the LG Sciencepark, the main research and development campus of the company.

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