LG will be at CES 2022 with the theme The Better Life You Deserve

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LG will exhibit its vision of the future at CES 2022, for a simpler and more practical way of life. The theme chosen by the brand will be The Better Life You Deserve. John Legend is also in the video invitation!

The Better Life You Deserve: anche LG al CES 2022

LG Electronics today unveils the video announcing its participation in CES 2022, made in collaboration with John Legend, award-winning artist and new brand ambassador of LG SIGNATURE. The teaser video lasts about 30 seconds, and the theme is The Better Life You Deserve. It is to all intents and purposes an invitation to LG World Premiere, LG’s official press conference at CES, to be held January 4 at 5pm.

On the notes of his new Christmas song, You Deserve It All, Legend invites everyone to follow LG at CES. An appointment to experience the innovations that will allow them to live the best life they deserve. During the LG World Première, those who visit the LG CES page of the website or the LG global YouTube channel will be able to see and hear the company’s vision on how to push your limits and face the challenges that life presents every day. .

In line with the new format of CES 2022, LG chooses a combination of physical and digital elements. A mix capable ofoffer a new experience to involve people all over the world. The brand will involve both the visitors physically present at the Las Vegas event and the people who will virtually visit the fair. This will be possible thanks to the use of advanced virtual and augmented reality technologies. Doing so will allow them to experience the extraordinary benefits of the latest innovations and the unique vision that sets them apart.

“People deserve to live a simpler and more complete life and it is this goal that drives LG to innovate every single day,” he said. Lee Jeong-seok, head of LG Electronics’ Global Marketing Center. “We can’t wait to show, on the occasion of CES 2022, how LG is able to make life better despite the challenges we all face on a daily basis”

We also remind you that TechPrincess will also be present at CES 2022, to tell you about the event closely.