Splinter Cell: the remake officially announced with a trailer

Ubisoft Toronto has officially announced the Splinter Cell remake, also releasing important statements in a first trailer

For some time there have been several rumors about the possible return of Splinter Cell, the famous stealth saga developed by Ubisoft. Among the rumors, there have been the claims of insider Tom Henderson, who in a tweet spoke of news received from some of his sources close to the French company, which supported the start of the development of a new Splinter Cell game. There were also some first details that gave a partial picture of what the new Splinter Cell: apparently, there would be an open world game world, similar to that of Halo Infinite, and the title would have been a kind of “Assassin’s Creed more stealth”. However, we now have official information from the Ubisoft Toronto studio, which in a trailer talks about the remake of Splinter Cell they will go to produce.

The Splinter Cell remake in the Ubisoft Toronto trailer

With the announcement of this Splinter Cell remake, Creative Director Chris Auty, Producer Matt West and Technical Producer Peter Handrinos have come together in what is considered a first “trailer” talking about the project, what makes Splinter Cell a game so important, and of the intentions that will guide the creation of the game. It is stated that at this moment it is still in the early stages of production, and what the developers want is above all keep the spirit of the original chapters intact. It will also not be a simple remaster, but a remake made from the ground up. As the developers build the game, they will also proceed to improve the visuals and design elements to make sure it meets the expectations of the players and today’s modern era.

Ubisoft’s Snowdrop Engine will be used, and it looks like the open world option is averted, as it is said that the style of play will be linear. As if to respond to any concerns from fans, the three members of the studio emphasize the presence of veterans of previous Splinter Cell titles, also inviting potential interested parties to join the Ubisoft Toronto team to participate in the making of this work. They are also keen to underline that in the same team there are real stealth purists, aware of what sensations Splinter Cell is able to arouse.

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