LIAN LI: Launch the 850W SFX power supply

LIAN LI: lancia l’alimentatore SFX da 850W

LIAN LI launches the 850W SFX power supply with 12VHPWR – SP850 cable, let’s find out in detail in this dedicated article

LIAN LIa leading manufacturer of aluminum chassis and PC accessories, announces SP850and SFX power supply fully modular with power cable 12VHPWR included. With the same aluminum housing as theSP750 launched earlier, theSP850certified 80 PLUS Goldis perfect for protecting energy-intensive components in small form factor structures in the future.

Built with Japanese capacitors al 100% high quality, theSP850 offers reliable and quiet performance with zero mode RPM with a load of 40%.

Main features

  • 850 Watt SFX power supply with 80 PLUS GOLD efficiency
  • Fully modular with 12VHPWR auxiliary power connector
  • Hydraulic bearing fan with zero RPM mode under 40% load
  • 100% superior quality Japanese electrolytic capacitors
  • Available in black or white

LIAN LI: Launch the 850W SFX power supply

Power connector ready for the next-gen

With a connector Compatible with PCIe 5.0 and 400 mm e 16 AWG thick, capable of delivering up to 400 Wthe SP850 provides adequate power to the GPU latest and prepare users for any next-generation updates.

Greater efficiency and safety

The SP850 is now equipped with a 92 mm, which remains a zero giri per minute until the drive reaches 40% load or an ambient temperature of 60 °C. Although the fan gradually increases its speed, it maintains a maximum noise level of 40,6 dBA a 2800 giri/min.

LIAN LI has further improved its line of SFX power supplies: the SP850 offers an energy efficiency of 91.55% at 50% of the load, exceeding the standard 80 PLUS GOLD which provides for an efficiency of 90% at the same load. The protection characteristics have also been improved: the SP850 is now equipped with an additional inrush current limiter.

LIAN LI: Launch the 850W SFX power supply

Elegant and clean look

Like many of LIAN LI’s houses, the SP850 is built in one elegant aluminum and steel casing. The version nera includes a brushed aluminum finish, while the white version is powder coated with silver accents. Both colors feature coordinated braided cables, which offer modularity and flexibility for a clean build.

Availability and price

L’SP850 black and white will be priced at $ 149.99 are Newegg, Caseking e OCUK. For more information, visit the official product page.

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