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Lian Li: presented the new UNI FAN AL V2 and STRIMER PLUS V2 12VHPWR

Lian Li presented the new RGB products: UNI FAN AL V2 and STRIMER PLUS V2 12VHPWR fans. Let’s find out together in this article

Lian Lia leading manufacturer of PC chassis and accessories, raises the bar for high-performance RGB products with UNI FAN AL V2 e STRIMER PLUS V2 12VHPWR. The AL120 V2 is 28mm thick and now offers a 20% increase in performance of airflow compared to the V1. The V2 includes a single power module cable that sits flush inside the chassis, a new extension cable to connect up to 6 UNI FANs to a single controller port and removable interlock keys for improved compatibility with radiator fittings.

New strips bright ARGB have been implemented on each corner at the front and rear of the fan. The UNI FAN AL V2 is available in 120mm and 140mm and in black or white. Lo STRIMER PLUS V2 12VHPWR include un custom design 12VHPWR male connector to strengthen the connection with the GPU. It’s available gives 12+4pin to 12+4pin (12 light guides), from 12+4pin a 12+4pin (8 light guides) and from 12+4pin a 3x8pin (8 light guides).

Let’s discover the new UNI FAN AL V2 and STRIMER PLUS V2 12VHPWR by Lian Li

L’UNI FAN AL V2 introduce the corner lighting visible from the front, rear and side of the fan. Using the software of L-Connect 3 lighting by Lian Li, each corner and edge LED can be controlled individually for unlimited lighting combinations. In addition to the improved looks, the AL V2 also delivers improved performance thanks to its 28 mm thicker frame. The sum of the added frame thickness and the capacity of reach speeds of 2000 RPM equates to 20% more airflow performance than the V1.

Similar to UNI FAN SL V2, AL V2 allows you to connect 2 fan clusters in series (up to 6 fans) to a single controller port using only 2 cables. The first cable connects both clusters and the second is a single cluster-to-controller cable that handles both RGB and PWM. Previously, with V1, 4 clusters should have connected to 4 ports, V2 reduces the 4 clusters to just 2 ports. Further improvements include a redesign of the UNI FAN interlocking system making them removable. By making the cage removable, the last fan at the end of the cluster offers a more uniform look and also better compatibility with radiators.

The new STRIMER PLUS V2 12VHPWR cables feature a custom designed 12VHPWR male connector at the GPU end. The connector follows the ATX 3.0 standard of a 12+4 pin with improvements to its original design to provide a stronger connection to the GPU and uses materials to ensure the durability of the connector. Built with 16AWG wires to deliver up to 600WSTRIMER PLUS V2 12VHPWR cables can withstand higher temperatures and tighter bends even when close to the connector.

For greater bending tolerance, it is possible remove part of the connector housing to allow extension cables to bend even closer to the connector and improve compatibility of large GPUs with narrow PC cases. The recommended prices of Lian Li UNI FAN AL V2 fans are €32.02 for the 120 mm ones, €35.45 for the 140 mm ones e €102.95 for the set of three 120mm fans with the controller. You can buy them at the following link. For Lian Li STRIMER PLUS V2 12VHPWR cables, on the other hand, prices vary from €58.61 for the versions with 8 light guides to €70.35 for the one with 12 light guides. You can buy them at the following link.

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